Prince Harry snookered in Vegas

Partying up a storm in Las Vegas last weekend, Prince Harry, as with many other visitors to the gambling capital of the world, left a ‘loser’. But money wasn’t the loss; it was his dignity  following the betrayal of an attendee to his party who photographed him butt-naked playing ‘strip billiards’.

The photos emerged earlier this week on American gossip website TMZ. Due to the grainy nature of the photos, they seem to have been taken on a camera phone. The immediate question that is being asked is why Harry’s security guards didn’t notice the photos being taken and more importantly, why the Prince was playing such a game with people he had just met?

With possibly hundreds of millions of people around the world already having seen the photos on the internet, it boggles the mind as to why Prince Charles instructed lawyers to threaten legal action to any news website, newspaper or television station which published the images which infringe Harry’s privacy.

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Opinion – What happens in Vegas…

I feel for Prince Harry. Regardless of his behaviour, no one deserves to have photos of their party antics posted on the internet. The photos which were taken are not just a breach of privacy, they are a clear breach of an even greater rule which applies to all visitors to Las Vegas… what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Some will argue that Harry’s behaviour is not becoming of a member of the royal family, but in a changing world, expectations need to alter. Harry is young and in the prime of his life. He is obviously a wild child and a party boy, so these photos come as no surprise to me. I don’t think this incident will have any bearing on his reputation, just as the strip club scandal had none on Kevin Rudd’s in the lead up to the 2007 election.

The real concern I have with this latest photo scandal is how Harry, who is third in line to the throne, can host a party in his private suite and have these photos taken. It shows a distinct lack of awareness from the royal guards who are paid handsomely to protect and serve him. Ask yourself, what if the phone was a gun? Security protocols have clearly failed.

Should Prince Harry’s behaviour be brushed aside or as a royal, is he obliged to be a gentleman and reputable at all times?

Written by Drew

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