Re-potting fruit trees

YOURLifeChoices subscriber, Rina, is keen to make the most of her fruit trees but is unsure about repotting them.

Q. Rina

I have 3 dwarf citrus trees bought December 2007. One nectazee nectarine, one valencia orange & one imperial mandarin. I was advised to repot to larger pots in 2009 however, as the nectarine is deciduos & the mandarin/orange evergreen I’m not sure as to when will be the best time to do this. Could you please advise me.

A. Answer kindly provided by our gardening expert, Teena Crawford

Re-pot your fruit trees this year if they have out-grown their existing pots-i.e. the root systems have filled the containers and the plants have put on some substantial growth. Re-pot the nectarine during the winter once the foliage has fallen. Re-pot the mandarin and orange trees in early Spring just prior to spring when the fruit trees will put on a flush of growth. Before replanting loosen the root ball to encourage the root system to move into the new potting media. For ease this can be done with water pressure from the hose. Incorporate some slow release fertiliser in the potting media when re-potting.

Once repotted, tidy prune the trees to balance the shape and encourage some new growth.

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