Record on the go

If you’re pushed for time and like to work on the go, then the Dragon Recorder App for your iPhone or Android will help you be more productive, giving you more time to spend as you like.

With the ability to purchase a dictation device or the Dragon Recorder app on your iPhone/Android device, you can take Dragon anywhere with you wherever you go. If you can’t make it to your computer, you can record your memos, interviews, reports and ideas directly onto your device, which also gives you the option to can play them back, rewind or fast-forward. Later, you can play the audio files to your Mac or PC, for fast and accurate transcription.

If you’re one of the few who doesn’t have a smart device which allows you to download apps, then you can purchase a simple digital voice recorder. These work the same way as the Dragon Recorder App, enabling you to make recordings in your car, or while waiting for an appointment, then using the Dragon software program to transcribe the recordings.

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