Rental Accommodation

Rental accommodation is available in the public sector through State and Territory housing authorities and in the private sector. Non-profit organisations, such as local councils and charitable, benevolent and religious organisations are the main providers of rental accommodation, particularly for pensioners of limited means.

Rent Assistance
If you are a pensioner renting in the private sector (that is, you are not paying rent directly to a government housing authority) you may qualify for Rent Assistance. You may be able to get Rent Assistance if you move in with family or friends. For information on how you qualify, how to claim, amount of assistance and other matters check this Centrelink page. If you receive a service pension from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs read their fact sheet on Renting and Rent Assistance.

Bond Loan and Rental Grant
Some State/Territory governments may make a loan to eligible persons to pay part or all of the bond required before occuping private rental accommodation. Check with your State/Territory housing authority if you think you may be eligible. Loans eventually have to be repaid.

A Rental Grant may be available from some State/Territory housing authorities to help meet some of the costs associated with moving into private rental accommodation. You do not have to repay a grant.