Rogue US trooper on shooting rampage

Yesterday a rogue American soldier went on the rampage in Afghanistan, killing 16 civilians, of which women and children were included. This atrocity has raised questions about the continued need for US troops in Afghanistan.

The shootings come just one month on from the burning of Korans by US military, an act of disrespect, which sparked understandable rage by Afghan officials. In fact, US soldiers have a history of abuse of Afghans during what is now supposed to be a peacekeeping exercise. US soldier Calvin Gibbs was convicted four months ago of murdering Afghan civilians for ‘sport’; Gibbs was from the same Washington Military base that the 38-year-old soldier at the centre of this killing spree is reported to be serving under.

With the deadline for US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan still some two years away, is now the time to send the troops home?

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