Scan and go

Online grocery shopping accounts for just 1 per cent of grocery sales, but if Woolworths has its way, virtual shopping will soon be the norm.

Launching its virtual shopping board in Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station, Woolworths is bringing 120 of its key items to the thousands of commuters who pass through. All commuters have to do is scan the items they require with a smartphone. This will then access the Woolworths’ mobile phone app, which allows shoppers to choose from of 40,000 products that can be purchased and delivered to a home or office address within hours.

British grocery giant Tesco was the first to launch this kind of virtual shopping wall in South Korean train stations last year, so it’s surprising that the idea has taken so long to reach Australia.

Woolworths are one step ahead of its rivals Coles with its iPhone app. The shopping giant has upgraded to include a checkout facility, making it more than just a shopping comparison tool. Coles has yet to take this step.

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Written by Debbie McTaggart