Scrapper Abbott

In the last three Federal elections I have voted Liberal, which means I voted for Tony Abbott in the last election.

Ever since losing the election, Tony Abbott has been taking a stand against the majority of reforms put forward by the Federal Government. Mr Abbott has promised to scrap many of the reforms if he gets into power and has now set his sights on the Heath Rebate Means Test.

I’m no fiscal expert, but we can’t have our cake and eat it too. The federal Liberal Party has opposed three key pieces of legislation in the Carbon Tax, Mining Tax and now the Fairer Private Health Insurance Incentives and gone as far as promising to scrap all three. What I can’t understand is how the party plans to keep the country in surplus if they lose the $11.1 billion over 3 years from the Mining Tax and $2.4 billion from the Fairer Private Health Insurance Incentives means testing.

The Greens have worked hard to negotiate what is hopefully a stepping stone for Government improvements in the funding of dental services and scrapping such a piece of legislation would hurt the future of our health system. It would also deny access to dental care for many pensioners.

Does it make sense to remove such a rebate from those who can afford to pay more or is the Government unfairly picking on those who work hard to make the big bucks?