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When planning a travel adventure online it is important to choose a location with ideal weather conditions, minimal safety concerns and makes your hard earned go further. Webmaster Drew explains how to research all these factors before you purchase an adventure you may regret.


Considered by many travellers as the most important factor when choosing a travel destination, finding the average weather conditions during a month in any Country is easy.

For my example, I wanted to travel to England in July of this year. To find the weather details I visited and in the search box typed in “weather conditions July England”. While the first result was current weather conditions, the second result ( gives you the year round weather conditions for London, England.

This process can be replicated for countries/cities all around the world.

Another great way to find the weather in a location you are visiting is to view an online webcam set up in the country/city you are looking to visit. We have listed a number of different websites which provide free webcams in a large number of countries around the world. This is perfect for those travelling around Europe without any plans in place who want to follow the sun!

Safety & Price Point

Choosing a travel destination which is safe and inexpensive will enhance the travel experience and allow you to enjoy the adventure to the full, without the worry of being kidnapped or breaking the bank. Finding information on your destination is easier than you think with a visit to two of YOURLifeChoices favourite travel websites.

Lonely Planet

Publishers of the world-renowned travel books, Lonely Planet have been providing valuable information to travellers online for the past decade. The website has a wealth of free information and allows you to purchase travel books at discounted prices. Most importantly, you can find regularly updated security information and how far your money will go in each country.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor allows you to view accommodation in the destinations you are looking to visit and read customer reviews on price information, the security of the surrounding areas and attractions you can visit while in that area.

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