Sex toys more fun than slippers

So the spokesperson for the Australian Family Association, Terri Kelleher, believes the advertising of sex aids in a pharmacy catalogue is ‘irresponsible’.


First I thought I should check just who is the Australian Family Association. I had never heard of it before, so off to Dr Google to find out more. And I discovered that this is an organisation with the aim to reinforce the role of ‘natural’ families and support them in our society. The ‘natural’ part is important, as this is the organisation of which former tennis star, now Reverend, Margaret Court is a patron. You may remember that this same association, via Reverend Court, has been particularly vocal on the topic of gay marriage and why it is wrong.

Back to sex aids, specifically massagers and vibrators.

These are legal items.

They bring some people great pleasure.

Mothers included.

In fact they may have helped some women become mothers in the first place.

So what is wrong with a legal aid being promoted to people who may wish to buy them? The quoted ‘surprised’ Adelaide mum would prefer hand-picked flowers.

That’s her right and her personal preference.

But we are not all the same

And there are probably many mums around Australia a little bored with the cup of tea, furry slippers and box of Cadbury Favourites.

So why not recognise your mum is a physical person. The fact you exist is proof. And maybe she would love some sexy knickers or an R-rated movie or even a National Pharmacies sex toy on 13 May … don’t ever think she is past it, because she may have a vibrant inner cougar just dying to be unleashed.

What do you think? Is the inclusion of sex toys in a Mother’s Day catalogue really so upsetting?

If you were given a sex toy for Mother’s Day would you be amused or insulted?

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