Smartest suitcase ever?

With so many similar suitcases on offer these days it takes a lot to impress travellers. However ShelfPack has done just that.

Taking the idea behind suitcases to a whole other level, this revolutionary product has redesigned the world of travelling completely.

As if packing itself isn’t hard enough, one of the main frustrations of travelling is having to unpack and repack every time you change locations. ShelfPack has removed that problem by integrating shelves into their suitcase.

So how does it work? Simply pack your items as usual on the four different shelves. The shelves then drop into the base of the bag. When you arrive at each destination, two sturdy supports help to hang the shelves, effectively creating a travelling wardrobe and removing the need to unpack.

We wish we’d thought of it ourselves as anything that gets us from check-in to the beach or pool more quickly is a winner in our books.

Watch the video and tell us what you think? Is this the future of suitcases?

RRP: US $349 plus shipping from ShelfPack.