South Australia to change its name?

A peak business group in South Australia has suggested that the state change its name to broaden its appeal to the international market. Peter Vaughan, Business SA chief executive, has called for a naming competition so the public can have their say and change the face of South Australia.

Vaughan made this suggestion after identifying something of an identity crisis for the state. He said “I’ve been with two Premiers on three overseas trips and whenever we go somewhere that’s not familiar with Australia the words South Australia are impossible to understand”. He observed that many people think it means the entire south of Australia and that internationally the initials ‘SA’ are most often associated with South Africa.

Do you think South Australia needs a name change? And more importantly, what would be your suggestion? In 1999 John Singleton suggested “Bradman”. Would that be an appropriate moniker for one of our states?

See why Ged thinks it’s a good idea and check out some of his suggestions.

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South Australia “needs a new name”

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