Sporting legend fights dementia

Aussie rules icon Ron Barassi has revealed that he is suffering from dementia. Featured on 60 Minutes last night, Barassi told how he was suffering short-term memory loss and forgetting things such as what he had for dinner last night.

Doctor John Tickell, Barassi’s doctor for over 30 years, said “I’d say he has a form of dementia, because dementia is an umbrella term that can involve 50 or 60 neurological diseases”.  Speaking of his diagnosis, Barassi said “I can’t see the point in covering it up”.

Barassi is a legend of Australian rules football after playing 254 games and winning six premierships. He further enhanced his standing in the game by going on to coach 515 games, including a further four premierships. In 1996 he was inducted into the AFL Hall of Fame as an official Legend.

What do you think of Barassi revealing his dementia? Is it an important step in increasing awareness of dementia in Australia?

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