Subversive Prayers

We interrupt this program to bring you an important..

Confession. I was a radio serial addict. I would do almost anything to get a fix. Home built Crystal Set, small radio in the bedroom listening late at night. The Shadow. Superman. Any of them. And just occasionally the words above would cut in. It is therefore with no apology that we interrupt the blogs on the parables of Jesus to bring you this short prayer. This prayer precedes more of the parables.

It is reported that Karl Marx once said, “Every action is political”. If that is so, what are we to make of Jesus who taught his disciples this elegant and deceptively simple prayer which unfolds into a statement of attitude pregnant with political implications for our each of us and society?

How deeply subversive is this?

Our Father. When Rome was in his time, when the State is in ours. We dare to think beyond the visible, material universe and call upon someone totally other..

Hallowed be your name. May I hold in nothing less than awe the name which reflects the person who, on his own description, is “I will be who I will be”. Time less. Outside my manipulation. Beyond my human comprehension.

His own purposes beyond me yet wanting for me to share his life.

Your kingdom come. Why? Is my materialist heaven not delivering all of its promises? Or do I find this difficult because I want to run my kingdom without acknowledging the authority of another?

Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. There are two spaces.

God space and our space. Some believe they actually meet when God’s people get together or when the sacred writings are read. This is where we discover God’s will. His amazing purposes for humankind. If we will only let him.

God’s space is happy. Complete. At peace. That’s why we ask. Because ours is not.

Give us today our daily bread. In a time of recurrent famine, a big ask. In our endless quest for everything beyond the basics, here we are brought home. It helps us to remember who grows the wheat. The milling.

The baking. All at His creative bequest. And it directs us to the basics.

And forgive us our sins as we for give those who sin against us. Hardest word in the world. Forgive. Especially for sin which is missing the mark.

The mark God sets, the mark we set others. This is the only pattern for relationships. To indulge gloriously in forgiveness.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Protect us from ourselves. I hardly know what lurks within me to do damage to myself and others. Help me because you alone can.

Elegant. Simple. But personally at once devastating and uplifting. Worth interruption time every day.

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