Swimmers say sorry

Members of the Australian Olympic swim team, Nick D’Arcy and Kenrick Monk have been photographed posing with guns in a gun shop in the US. The photos, which have been uploaded to Facebook, have caused outrage which has led to an apology by the two wayward sports stars.

Taken while the swimmers were on an Olympic training camp, the photos depict a smirking D’Arcy with two pistols and a grinning Monk with two pump action shotguns across his chest. The pair is now under investigation by Swimming Australia.

The visit to the rifle range came at the end of an intensive three-week training program and was designed for the pair to have some fun and let off steam. On his arrival at Brisbane airport, D’Arcy explained “So we went out with a couple of our friends just out to the rifle range … and got the opportunity to kind of fire a couple of guns, which is pretty fantastic to be honest, ‘cos we don’t get that opportunity back home.”

Is this explanation enough? Does saying sorry make everything OK? Is firing guns and having your picture taken a good way to let off steam?


D’Arcy and Monk are the ‘bad boys’ of Australian swimming and it seems in this case, they’ve been happy to play up to their reputation, or have they just been stupid? Read what Debbie has to say on the matter.

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