Taliban blunder reveals email addresses

Official Taliban spokesman Qari Yousuf Ahmedi may be in a bit of trouble with his fundamentalist military group leaders after last week accidentally sending a carbon copy (CC) rather than a blind carbon copy (BCC) to the entire Taliban mailing list when forwarding a press release to the media.

The list of over 400 recipients was mainly made up of journalists, but also included governors, politicians, academics, activists and apparently personal email addresses of several Taliban members.

Have you ever made a mistake at work which made you want to run away?

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Opinion – Show some respect to your mailing list

As the recipient of hundreds of emails every day, there are several every week in which my email address is included in a group email. While it may seem trivial to many internet users, it is disrespectful to send group emails to an address book in CC format without taking into account the rights of those included.

“It is only an email address, who really cares?” was one of the responses I heard when bringing up the issue in the office. Being from the online generation, my personal email address is as important to me as my home address and mobile phone number.

What many online users don’t realise is that as your email address is sent on, the chances of it being included in spam lists increases. How many times have you received spam emails from your friends after they have downloaded a virus or had their email address hacked? When this happens, the person’s whole address book, plus every email address included in emails, is downloaded by the hacker.

So, the next time you go to send a group email, whether it is to send on your updated email address or simply some family photos, use the BCC option and save us all the spam!

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