Television worth watching

Have you ever wondered just how quickly China is developing and at what cost? John Doyle and Tim Flannery take a look at three of its major cities in Two Men in China.

Doyle provides a little levity to scientist Tim Flannery’s look at how the country’s rapid development is impacting its fragile environment. The three-part series visits the political north and the country’s capital Beijing, the looser and more vibrant Shanghai in the south and finally travels to Chengdu in the west, where the aim is to service its burgeoning middle class.

Flannery and Doyle have an easy rapport, which stems from previous Two Men series in which the two travelled around Australia. China’s growth is fascinating and much stems from its relationship with Australia and, as such, several Australians pop up to give their take on the country’s growth and how they have seen the cities develop.

Episodes one and two have aired on television but both are worth watching on ABC’s iView before episode three is shown next Tuesday 27 May, at 8.30pm.

Written by Debbie McTaggart