Ten old-fashioned household hints

Today there’s a cleaning solution for this, a special kind of cloth to use for that, but to keep our home as shiny as a new pin, do we really need to look any further than our Granny’s household tips?

1. Disinfectant

One teaspoon of tea tree oil added to one litre of water will act as a natural disinfectant.

2. Dents in a carpet

Get rid of the annoying marks left on a carpet when you move furniture with a simple ice cube and a fork. Place an ice cube on the indentation and allow to melt over night. In the morning dry off any excess water with kitchen roll and the pile will have revived itself. If it’s being a little stubborn, use a fork to fluff up.

3. Stained shirts

Spray underarm sweat stains on a shirt with distilled white vinegar before washing. This can also remove marks on shirt collars (although we’re not sure about lipstick!).

4. Banish cooking smells

Keep your oven smelling sweet by baking a few slices of citrus fruit rind at 180’C for about 30 minutes.

5. Toilets

Rather than flushing bleach down the toilet and polluting the environment, try mixing one cup of borax with lemon juice to make a thick paste. Use to clean the bowl and leave on for 30 minutes. A simple flush and your loo will be sparkling.

6. Tiled floors

A simple mix of vinegar and warm water, with some elbow grease will remove the grime from tiled floors and have the grouting looking as good as new. A few drops of lemon juice will combat the vinegar smell.

7. Chewing gum

Remove chewing gum from clothes by brushing the affected area with some egg white and leave for 15 minutes. Wash the item as normal.

8. Chopping boards

Wooden chopping boards can take on the aroma of strong smelling food such as onions. Rub a wooden board with a slice of lemon. This will act as a disinfectant and remove the odour.

9. Deoderise your dishwasher

Remove mineral deposits and smells from you dishwasher by placing a few tablespoons of lemon juice in the soap dispenser and running it through a full cycle, empty of dishes.

10. Vehicle oil stains

Oil stains on your garage floor or drive can be removed by mixing some bicarbonate of soda with warm water and scrubbing the stain.