Thailand tragedy leaves Australian woman dead

Two Australian women have been attacked on the Thai holiday island of Phuket. One woman was stabbed in the heart during a struggle and has died as a result. The attack occurred at 10:30pm last night when the victims were walking near their hotel complex.

The women noticed two men on a motorbike ride past them a few times and were eventually approached by the attackers from behind. When the women resisted attempts to steal their handbags, one of the men lashed out with knife.

The two women were travelling as part of a group of 10 travel agents from Perth and were staying at the five-star Katathani Phuket Beach Resort.

Comment – A fatal mistake

The death of this Australian woman in Thailand is a tragedy. Walking with a friend at 10:30pm on a Wednesday evening in a ‘nice’ area of town overseas, the last thing I would expect is for two men to attempt to rob me.

The fatal mistake was following her gut instinct to struggle with the attacker to hold onto her bag and not let go. This is a mistake that a large number of Australians would make when overseas, but is the wrong decision in most circumstances.

When travelling overseas, the first item you should purchase is a travel insurance policy to suit your needs. This not only covers you in case of injury, but also your possessions. With this step in place, you are less likely to struggle with an attacker in such a dangerous situation.

There are a few rules you should always follow when in a different country
– Never carry more than 1.5X what you would expect to spend in a day
– If carrying a credit card, conceal it in a hard to access pocket or money vest.
– Avoid empty streets at night

Would you struggle for your bag with an attacker?

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