The end of the world is nigh

The world will end on 21 December 2012, so believe nine per cent of Australians. A recent survey undertaken by Reuters news agency also found that of the 16,000 people polled, over 21 countries, 20 per cent of Chinese and Turks also believed the end was just around the corner, but only four per cent of Indonesians agreed.

The date of 21 December 2012 is derived from the obscure Latin American Mayan calendar which ends on this date, leading some to believe that the world will also. For some, this date will bring a complete armageddon with fire and brimstone, however, some of those more optimistic believe it will simply bring a greater degree of consciousness and a better world in which to live.

A seminar, to be held at Victoria’s State Library tonight, will hear about the lengths organisations may go to prove that the world will indeed end. This may include organised violence and acts of terrorism.

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Are organisations simply looking for an excuse to frighten people into believing their message? Or is there any truth in such prophecies? Debbie has heard it all before and doesn’t think we should be focusing on the end, rather we should appreciate the world we have. Do you agree?