The Pension Party

As the first invited ‘citizen author’ post on YOURLifeChoices website, Ken has our online community buzzing with his suggestion that it is high time for a Pensioners party.

An edited version of Ken’s comments:

“In this country we now have approximately 3.1 million people in the over-65 (age) group. This group is represented by approximately 68 per cent full Age Pensioners, 15 per cent partly and 17 per cent fully self-funded retirees. It has always surprised me that the over-65s whinge about everything that is wrong with our country, especially the plight of the pensioners, but they don’t appear to have any desire to use the voting system to right or even alter the perceived wrongs.

We are gradually being trained by the politicians and the general media to think that we are a drag on the welfare of the country and because of the demographics, will become much more so in the future…

Australian seniors get what they deserve.  If you lie down in a doorway, semi-comatose, for long enough, people, especially politicians will treat you like old used doormats and wipe their feet on you…

The retired voters of Australia, over 18 per cent of the electorate, let alone the seniors, have the power to vote out of office, at least 75 of the members of the Lower House, but it is never exercised…”

As you would expect, there were many thoughtful responses to Ken’s comments. Most agreed something ‘should’ be done, but struggled with how the process could be started. Let’s do something, they seemed to be saying. Others wondered what might be the key issues such a ‘seniors’ party would represent.

So read on for Kaye’s thoughts about how we can build on Ken’s suggestions and the interest they have unleashed.

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