The right to choose

So Magda Szubanski has spoken in favour of same sex marriage, do we care? Personally I believe everyone has the right to proclaim their support for whatever takes their fancy, the fact that they happen to be a celebrity holds no weight for me. Celebrities seem too eagre to speak up for this cause or that cause and honestly, it becomes a little predictable.

However, Ms Szubanski made it clear that she was in favour of legalising same sex marriage as a gay woman and for this she should be applauded.  Why should she, just because she is not attracted to men, be denied the legal right to proclaim her love and wish to spend the rest of her life with her chosen partner?

There has been a lot of scare mongering in the media and by those who know no better, about the demise of society should same sex marriage be legalised. Those who have not bothered to actually find out what is being proposed proclaim that this is not what God envisaged when he thought up the whole idea of holy matrimony. I’m sure God didn’t envisage mass corruption and child abuse being carried out in his name either. No one is suggesting that the church change its view on marriage. No one is demanding the right for two men or two women to get ‘married’ in the eyes of God. All that is being asked is that two people who have chosen to spend their lives together are able to do so by obtaining the legal document, which everyone must have, regardless of whether they choose to have a civil or church ceremony. This is purely an issue of legality, not morality.

No one should pass judgment on how people live their lives, being gay isn’t a lifestyle choice; it’s in a person’s DNA. If people were more concerned about what happened within the walls of their own homes rather than what was happening behind the pink chintz curtains of next door, perhaps we could overcome many of the issues, such as hooliganism, vandalism, child-abuse and drug-abuse which really do threaten the fabric of society.

I recently answered a dilemma from a subscriber named Marg who had found out her son was gay. Quite understandably Marg was upset and struggling to come to terms with the news however, out of love for her son, she wanted to find ways of processing the information and dealing with her son’s homosexuality. I was overwhelmed with the compassionate and sensible responses (in the main), which this dilemma received. I had wrongly assumed that older Australians were less tolerant of gays and lesbians. I was delighted to have been proved wrong and for those who restored my faith in humanity, I thank you.

On the issue of same sex marriage no doubt there are people for and against it, that’s OK. However, no one be they man, woman, priest, minister, rabbi, lawyer or politician, has the right to tell someone who they can and cannot love.


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