The Sapphires

I love a movie which features good music and this is what led me to accept the tickets to The Sapphires when offered. The music of the 60s has always had a large pull for me, as this is what my mother used to play when I was little. I grew up dancing to music of The Supremes, The Four Tops and even Gladys Knight was enough to have me jumping around, waving my hands in the air from a very early age.

Well, the music featured in The Sapphires didn’t disappoint, but it was the tale of these young, female Aboriginal singers, which had me hooked. Growing up in predominately white, 1960s Australia, these young women are ostracised by the local townspeople and, led by Julie (Jessica Mauboy), quickly realise that the only way to escape the discrimination faced by indigenous Australians, is to make it big overseas.  After coming across an ad in the local paper for people to entertain American troops in Vietnam, the girls have a chance meeting with an Irishman called Dave (Chris O’Dowd), who promises to be their manager and keep them safe.

The ensuing trip to Vietnam, proves, unsurprisingly, to be less than the idyllic break in show businesses they were hoping for and the girls are left feeling homesick, lovesick and fearful for their lives.

What amazed me most about this movie was the fact that it was based on real life events and this helped make it more that just another musical.

Written by Debbie McTaggart