The travel handbag you have to have

As many women can confirm, your handbag is an extension of your life. Like a supportive significant other, it is of crucial importance and can literally make or break your day-to-day duties. And when it comes to travel, the humble handbag is no different – if anything, it’s even more necessary. 

Seven years ago, my ex-boyfriend’s mum gave me a Hedgren bag, which she claimed was the “best travel handbag ever”. Slightly sceptical, I took it with me on my trip to South America, and three weeks later, I was a complete believer. So much so that seven years down the track, I have never travelled without it and have since bought my mum and sister the same bag.

What’s so great about the Hedgren? It may look like an ordinary black over-the-shoulder bag, but as we all know appearances can be deceiving. There’s nothing ordinary about this bag. It has the perfect pockets, with three main compartments, two on the front and one on the back, which all zip shut. There’s also an additional zipped pocket in the main section, which is great for storing valuables.

My Hedgren bag has a Mary Poppins quality about it, and I never cease to be amazed at just how much it fits. It may look small, but it’s always managed to comfortably carry around all my day-to-day travel necessities, including extra clothes and some of my shopping – on the odd occasion.

I’ve never had any issues with security either. The strap is comfortable and can be worn on one shoulder or across your body, and the bag, even when full to almost bulging point, still somehow sits flat again your body. This allows you to rest assured that you’d know if any hands that weren’t your own were anywhere near it. The way the strap is designed also means that the bag sits at the front of your body rather than on the side of your hip – like many other handbags – making you feel even more secure.

In terms of looks – let’s not lie, this is almost of as utmost importance as functionality – it’s perfect to walk around with everyday but also smart enough that it has accompanied me to many dinners on nights out, while I’ve been away.

Finally, it’s built to last. After seven years of countless trips to various countries all around the world, it’s only battle wound to show for the entire time is a broken zip – which can obviously be easily repaired. 

My relationship with said ex-boyfriend may not have lasted, but, thankfully, I’ve always been able to count on having this bag by my side!


Hedgren Fate Shoulder Bag RRP: $149 on sale for $104.30

Slightly more dressy style, Liza Shoulder Bag, RRP: $139 on sale for $93.70


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