The way we were

Every time I watch The way we were the tears start to flow and as I settle down this weekend with a glass of wine and my favourite chocolates, I’m sure this time will be no different.

Classic movies come in all guises. For some it’s westerns, others it’s sci-fi and for me, it’s those emotionally-charged masterpieces which make my day. Barbra Streisand is superb as the socially awkward, but politically strong Katie, who falls in love with Hubbell (Robert Redford), the ever popular jock she first met in college. Reunited some ten years later, Katie still holds the same, idealistic political views, but Hubble who has served in the Navy, is enjoying the successful publication of his first novel.

The crush which Katie had on Hubble during college is still strong and she is more than willing to give up all her goals to marry this beautiful man, who simply can’t make her happy. While Katie is happy to compromise her beliefs and talents, she can’t bear to see Hubble do the same and the marriage starts to crumble.

But let’s not forget that bittersweet moment, years later, when Katie and Hubble bump into each other on a New York Street and the realisation finally hits that Hubble has moved on with his life. Ah, memories.

Written by Debbie McTaggart