The women who changed an industry

When Mareena Purslowe & Associates began caring for families in 1989, funeral services were very different. Now after 26 years of showing families that a loved one’s life can be celebrated, there are so many different ways to say goodbye.

The passing of a friend or family member is a sad time yet, by offering its women’s understanding and exemplary level of care, Mareena Purslowe & Associates has shown families that it is able to deal with that sadness in a way that is celebratory, life-affirming and allows us all to be grateful for the good times we were able to spend with our loved ones.

Whether making arrangements for a funeral or a prepaid funeral, Mareena Purslowe & Associates has ushered in a sea change in our approach to death. Rather than a service that is determined by tradition and is sombre in nature, families have been encouraged to add love, life, colour and wonder into the proceedings.

If you are looking to plan for your own funeral, or need to make arrangements for the funeral service of a loved one that has passed – or is about to pass – then call the women who have transformed the role of a funeral director. Where once a funeral director was gravid and dour, you can rely on Mareena Purslowe & Associates to be empathic, to nurture you at every step along the way, and to help you tailor a celebration of life that is comforting for all who attend.

Call Mareena Purslowe & Associates today on 08 9388 1623, to speak to the funeral celebration experts.

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