Things you'll know if you hate summer

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Just like the Queen, David Attenborough or puppies, you’re supposed to love summer. But it’s our civic duty to question, and if you’re willing to get your grump on, there are plenty of things to despise about all this supposed fun in the sun.

Heat Wave Sun GIF by National Geographic Channel

Everyone is tired and grumpy

Let’s just cut to the chase here, I don’t think anyone enjoys the heat as much as they say they do. On a hot day we get up, pay lip service to how lovely everything is, and then struggle lethargically from chore to chore dreaming quietly of a nice, cold shower.

Its Hot James Mcavoy GIF

Those with work to do will valiantly under-achieve, while those without will sprawl listlessly on their sofas trying not to sweat onto the cushions. At the end of the day, we’ll tacitly concede that it was, in fact, a little too toasty.

We like the idea of summer more than the reality.

It makes everything horribly sticky

Hot Weather GIF

When you’re lying on a sun lounger reading Bridget Jones beside a sea that ends in ‘ean’, we’ll accept that heat has its uses. When you’re arriving at work packing enough back sweat to drown a chinchilla, we will not.

The inevitable sunburn will always catch you out

Slapping on factor 50 is something you do on holiday, not before starting your commute (even though we know we should), but you can damage your skin even when there’s no sun.

People shame you for being indoors

Leave Me Alone Hashtag GIF by Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

“But it’s so nice outside, and the weather is so lovely, and you can’t waste the sunshine.” Sunny skies come with copious peer pressure, and if you haven’t spent your Saturday hurtling between barbecues and garden parties there will be serious questions as to why.

If I enjoyed an indoor activity in April, odds-on I still do in July.

In fact, people resent you across the board

Sun worshippers will receive your summertime gloom like a lump of coal on Christmas morning, and even the slightest snark sees you labelled a misery-guts.

We’re not sure why people get so defensive. Maybe deep down they know we’re right.

Heat makes people aggressive

Angry GIF

When combined with words like ‘headed’, ‘blooded’ and ‘tempered’, hot quite literally means a cross between angry and stupid, and there’s plenty of evidence that excess heat makes people both of these things.

There’s a small library of academic literature confirming this, testing everything from violent crime to honking at traffic lights. When the going gets hot, people lose their cool.

Instagram becomes insufferable

I Mean Look At Me GIF by SYFY

We get it, you’re beach body ready. And there’s no way that’s #nofilter.

Indoor spaces can become strangely cold

Frozen GIF

The cold aisle at the supermarket is one of summer’s few great pleasures, but otherwise over-active aircon units can be a bane on an already intemperate season. Scorching streets and icy offices don’t create a balmy middle ground, and some public buildings hoick you out of the frying pan and into the freezer.

Men’s fashion, in particular, is not built for the warm

Male style revolves around the jacket – the blazer, bomber, or overcoat – and most blokes aren’t brave enough to don summertime staples like floaty dresses or crop tops.

You’re either a suffering suit-wearer (seriously, there should be laws against this), or it’s three months of T-shirts and shorts.

There are bugs everywhere

Scared News Anchor GIF by Mashable

With warnings of ‘vampire spiders’, ‘tiger mosquitoes’, and ‘Asian hornets’ currently sweeping the press, midges may be the least of your problems.

Also, the milk goes off after five seconds on the side.

Sleeping becomes a thing of the past

Restless Matthew Perry GIF by Nick At Nite

Everyone knows the torment of lying restlessly awake on a sticky summer’s night. You toss and turn for a while, drift in and out of sleep, wake up in a puddle of your own sweat and eventually fall asleep again.

It’s quite literally rinse and repeat.

Basically, it’s really hot

Courteney Cox Friends GIF by Stan.

Humans don’t like being really hot. That’s science.

Are you a lover or hater of summer? What’s your favourite thing about summer?

– With PA

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Written by Luke Rix-Standing


Total Comments: 16
  1. 0

    Give me Autumn, Winter and Spring – pass on summer!

  2. 0

    I dislike everything about summer. Overheating, feeling sweaty, bright sunlight and empty blue skies, summer clothes, the fear of bushfires, snakes, mossies and other peoples’ body odour! On the other hand I love winter.

  3. 0

    The only decent thing about summer is the stone fruit. Peaches, nectarines and apricots.
    The rest of it you can have. I was absolutely born in the wrong hemisphere
    When does autumn start ???>?


  4. 0

    My favourite thing about summer is Autumn. At least I have an air conditioner, and solar panels to power it during sunlight hours. By the way what has April and July got to do with summer, in my world summer is from December to March.

  5. 0

    I agree with entirely! Summer in Adelaide is abominable.

  6. 0

    Now that the global warming is on the decline and the next ice age is on it’s way, as is the way with cyclic change that is no different from the last millions of years, we should all enjoy the summer while we can, but I would still like to live in Tasmania or south New Zealand.

  7. 0

    I’m with the majority of comments. Yes, stone fruit – don’t forget the cherries! – are definitely the highlight of Summer for me. Otherwise, Autumn, Winter and Spring are my seasons. I’m like a flower…I wilt in hot weather….anything above around 23 degC is my call to flake out in the air con with some craft work or a good book. Bring on Autumn!

  8. 0

    Hate summer feel like a mole in a hole, blinds drawn, lights off, blinded when you emerge, terrified of wildfires, love when it ends.

  9. 0

    Re the article about public housing. I strongly believe that safe, affordable and well maintained housing should be a right of every Australian citizen not a privilege of the rich. A system which provides incentive for residents to contribute to and improve public housing should be part of the public housing scheme. I am particularly concerned about homeless youth and older women, two groups that are vulnerable and falling further through the cracks in our society. The creation of more public housing will create a significant number of jobs and give stability to the needy thus allowing them to spend money on goods other than ever increasing rent. Meanwhile the government needs to include financial literacy in the education system starting at the primary level. That makes common sense/cents!

  10. 0

    I moved from Tasmania to Victoria 7 years ago and, yes, hate the summers here – hot and humid which rarely happens in Tassie. Give me spri,ng autumn and winter and eliminate summer altogether.

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