This day in music

This is such a fun site. Where else can you check what was Number One on the charts on the day you were born, or which famous singer was born on this day, or what your romantic theme song should be – the one playing on the day you were wed?

For instance a quick look at June 17 revealed the following events:

• In 1955 it was the day when Colonel Tom Parker took over the management of rising star, Elvis Presley
• In 1963 it was the day the rolling Stones released their first UK single
• In 1965 Elvis hit number one in the UK with Crying in the Chapel
• In 1965 The Beatles were hard at work in the Abbey Road studios in London completing a new Paul McCartney song called Yesterday

And lots more. Why not try it for yourself and find out what was top of the pops on the day you were borne, or turned 21, or enjoyed another fabulous milestone.