Top 10 helpful work websites

Whether you’re looking for a career change, ways to make extra money or just simply need to find a new job, there are jobs out there for older workers. You may need to consider re-training, government programs orthink outside the box, but finding the right opportunity is possible.

1. New tricks
I’m in my 50s and think the world of work favours younger people. Have I reached my use-by date? Definitely not. Read New Tricks, a chapter of Kaye’s book, What Next? to find out how to find work at any age or stage.

2. Job hunting online
Most jobs are now online, so here’s a handy guide to how to use the internet for a job search – and what to do BEFORE you start hunting. It’s an American site, but still offers handy advice for Australians.

3. Second career ideas
No idea how to get started with a fulfilling second career? If you think there must be more to your working life and are ready for something new this site offers great articles to get you started.

4. Mature age jobs
What about Australian jobs – I have no idea where I might work or what areas are actually hiring? The Federal Government has created a site for Year 10 & 11 students  listing 1500 occupations, – but it is also brilliant for older adults who want to find out best jobs for them and the training necessary for just about any job in the country.

5. Mature age apprenticeships
It’s never too late to train as a chef, horticulturalist, plumber or teacher.  The Federal Government now provides financial incentives for employers to take on mature aged apprentices. Such training is available in some than 60 industries.

6. How to volunteer
If volunteering is your thing, then there are many organisations crying out for your services. But where to get started? Here’s a great introduction.

7. Volunteering overseas
Maybe you want to combine work and travel by volunteering abroad? The good news is that there is no upper age limit – Vietnam, Ethiopia, Papua New Guinea are waiting for your skills

8. Grey Nomad jobs
Maybe you are looking for work as you travel around Australia?  The following two sites are offering regional work and the first is an Australian Government site called Harvest Trail

9. Working part-time
Seeking part-time work only? This link takes you directly to current part-time positions available in Australia.

10. Work and Centrelink entitlements
How will extra work affect your Centrelink entitlement?

Want to find work from home options?
This is more difficult than it looks as there are a lot of scammers out there. So we are sharing a link to self-employment opportunities using a reputable online employment company.

Written by Kaye Fallick