Transfer of Carer Payment

YOURLifeChoices member Sharon is planning on moving in with her parents to take care of them both. This will result in her father having to transfer his Carer Payment to her, but this is proving complicated.

Q. Sharon

I am looking at moving in with my parents and taking on the position of carer for both, but I am having difficulty in obtaining the necessary information as to what is required. My father is currently the registered carer for mum and I have been told that a form is required to be completed by mum advising Centrelink that the Carers Payment received by father is to be transferred to me. I know that another application form is to be completed by dad’s doctor and myself and then submitted to Centrelink. I would appreciate any information you could provide as getting correct answers is very difficult.


I’m sure this is an anxious time for you and your parents, but there are processes which can be followed to make things clearer.

You should advise Centrelink as soon as possible of your plans to care for your parents. This can be done by submitting a claim form for the Carer Payment.

Once you have done this, Centrelink will acknowledge your claim and advise you of any further information it requires. This will include formal authority to transfer the right of payment for your mother’s care to you from your father and any forms which need to be completed by your father’s doctor.

You can submit a claim online, in person at any Centrelink office or by calling 13 2300 and requesting the necessary forms. To find out more about eligibility and the claiming process, visit

You may also wish to contact your local Commonwealth Carelink Centre, where the staff can advise of any support and assistance which may be available to you. Find out more about the services available at Commonwealth Carelink Centres.

Written by Debbie McTaggart