Travel checklist

Travel, whether overseas or within Australia, is often taken for granted. Not being properly prepared can however, bring a trip to an abrupt end. YOURLifeChoices has a handy checklist to help ensure travel disruptions are kept to a minimum.

1. Budget
Before you book any travel, budget for all costs. What can seem like a bargain can prove to be costly once incidentals such as insurance, visas, airport parking, pet minding, exchange rates and passport renewals are added. A simple spreadsheet will give you an idea of what your trip will actually cost.

2. Passports
If you’re travelling overseas, check your passports are up-to-date and are valid for the duration of your trip. Most passports only take a couple of weeks to be renewed but you should give yourself plenty of time just in case of delays.

3. Visas
Similarly, visas may take a few weeks to obtain so apply with plenty of time before you actually travel.

4. Immunisations
Vaccinations may need to be administered a few weeks, even months before you travel. Consider this when finalising your departure date.

5. Travel insurance
Travelling without insurance is never a good idea. YOURLifeChoices is now able to provide competitive, comprehensive travel insurance.

6. Medications
Ensure you have enough prescription medication to see you through the duration of your trip. Make an appointment with your GP and request repeat prescriptions if travelling within Australia or ask your pharmacist what the equivalent medication is in the country which you are visiting.

7. Assistance
If you need any assistance at airports en route to your destination, make sure you arrange this before you leave. Also, you may wish to discuss any in-flight requirements with your travel agent or airline.

8. Destination information
Find out what you can about where you’re going before you depart. Check for any safety or travel warnings. Find out the basics such as the cost of a taxi from the airport to your hotel or the average price for a meal?

9. Travel money
Order currency from your bank, they often waive commission fees. If you plan on using ATMs or credit cards while travelling, advise the issuer before you leave as they may block transactions from other countries.

10. Baggage
Confirm your airline’s rules on checked baggage and carry on allowance. Excess baggage can be expensive and it’s often cheaper to arrange before you travel.

11. Documentation
Print any e-tickets or reservation confirmations and leave a copy with someone not travelling with you. Also, you may wish to leave a copy of your passport details and visas at home.

12. Airport parking
Make sure you book before you go, especially at peak times. Alternatively, book a taxi or arrange for a friend to give you a lift to the airport.

13. Cancel deliveries
If you get your newspapers or milk delivered, make sure you put them on hold. Nothing identifies an empty house like a pile of uncollected newspapers. Ask a neighbour to collect your mail and keep an eye on your house.

14. Check-in online
Many airlines allow you to check-in online, saving you time at the airport and allowing you to choose your seat.

15. Enjoy
After all your careful planning, have a safe and enjoyable trip.

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