Travel smart, travel safe

As travel opens up the vast reaches of the world to those adventurous enough to take a trip overseas, being a smart traveller can mean being a safe traveller.

SmartTraveller offer travel advice on travel insurance, which countries should be avoided, how to find out about where you’re travelling to, how to keep your travel money safe and many more useful tips. You can register your travel details should anyone need to get in contact with you while you’re away and check that your travel documents are up-to-date.

There are tips especially for seniors who intend to travel, such as managing medication, travelling with a disability and reciprocal health care agreements. To view these top tips, visit

These tips should be read in conjunction with two other consular booklets which can be downloaded. To view these booklets or download them, click on the links below.

Travel Smart: hints for Australian travellers.

Travelling Well.

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