Twitter kills off Tom Jones

Seeing Tom Jones sing some of his greatest hits and swing his hips on stage at the AFL Grand Final was definitely one of the highlights of the day. Sir Tom more than held his own, easily keeping up with his 23-year-old counterpart, singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran.

Tom’s twisting and grooving saw him trend upwards on Twitter on the weekend, which confused fans on the other side of the world, who thought Sir Tom had ‘bought the proverbial farm’. Fans who had no idea that Jones was performing at the Grand Final saw the Twitter trend and thought it could be for no other reason than that he had died.

Some of the tweets read “Admit it, when you saw Tom Jones trending you immediately assumed he was dead” and “Saw Tom Jones trending. Glad he’s not dead.”

Back in Sir Tom’s homeland, the South Wales Evening Post offered the calm assurance to its citizens “Tom Jones is not dead!” Cue the sigh of relief from Tom Jones fans across the globe.

Tom joins a long list of celebrities, including Cher, Morgan Freeman and even Barrack Obama, who have met their ‘fate’ on social media.

Why not watch this video of Sir Tom’s performance and see for yourself that he is indeed alive and kicking?

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