What a news week it’s been

The sad news that Dame Elisabeth Murdoch has passed away overshadows much of what has happened in the news this week. So, who said what this week and does anyone really care that William and Catherine are having a baby?

Julia Gillard started the week with some seemingly good news for those struggling with rising power costs, but Debbie questioned whether the measures really would make a difference. Didee watches how much power he uses and when, but is perplexed by unexplained power usage, “I have been limiting my power use for quite some time now and monitoring it each day. I turn off everything, even fridges for five hours overnight. I only use plug-in appliances, I have disconnected the electric stove. I mostly hand wash and use very little lighting. My usage has dropped dramatically, but my bills keep going up. One thing I cannot explain is why on certain days when I am outside all day, use no cooking appliances, eat a salad my power usage is higher. I am seriously beginning to think they rig the meters as I have been recording daily usage now for months. Pretty bad in a country like this that we have to cut back on everything, think I’ll invest in a fuel stove. 

The news the world had been waiting for finally came on Tuesday, Prince William and Catherine are to be parents. Already the media is camped outside the hospital and Kaye hopes that when the time comes, the new family will have some private time to enjoy getting to know the new arrival. Peepo can’t wait and thinks it’s great news, “I ADORE newborn babies, anyone’s newborns, I go all goosee when I see one in the street and want to touch them but the mothers look at me funny. I’m not a frustrated mother, had three of my own, and I now have nine grandchildren. Bring on the great grandies.” 

Rachel reported on Wednesday what should have been good news, with the Reserve Bank cutting interest rates pre-Christmas, but for those living on a fixed income, all is not rosey. Ductape has pointed out the hypocrisy of the Government critisising the banks, “Upon every occasion we hear that the interest rate has been cut by the reserve bank, our Federal Government complains bitterly that our banks have not lowered the interest rate cuts to their full level. But then it neglects to inform pensioners or anyone else, that the government itself had no intention of lowering the deeming rates either! It just goes to show how stupid, Juliar Gillard and Wayne Swansong, think we all are! Deeming rates… one way for a government to give something to pensioners in one hand, and then quickly take from the other – a fact that I shall remember most emphatically, come the next election.”

Drew rounded off the week by asking if the media had overstepped the mark with Channel 7’s Today Tonight running a story which impacted on the sentencing of a current court case. Jackie couldn’t agree more, “The media are definitely running very close to the line here – and the scary thing is that with Facebook and Twitter etc, ‘media’ comment is now a fact of life – so offenders will more and more be able to claim they wont get a ‘fair trial because of the media’ and even arrange some of it themselves!” 

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