What can I use as ID?

As YOURLifeChoices subscriber Michael has found, many Australians don’t have a passport or driving license. So what can you use as photo ID?

Q. Michael

I wonder if you could advise me how to obtain photo ID when I don’t have a driver’s licence; in fact I have never had one in my life. I am 59 but find it is a bit of a problem when I have to do something as simple as picking up a parcel from the post office. Is there anyway around this?

A. I’m not sure in which state you reside but in Victoria and Tasmania there is a Keypass ID in operation. This costs $55, with a $5 discount for seniors card holders.

If you reside somewhere other than these two states, it would be best to contact your local police station, where you can get information on of similar programs which run in your area.

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