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We appreciate that YOURLifeChoices members take the time to respond to our surveys and thought you might like to read the results of our latest Travel Insurance Survey.

Q1: Where do you plan to travel this summer?


The majority of the respondents – almost half (49.64 per cent) – answered that they were planning on travelling ‘within Australia’ this summer. The other two options: ‘international’ and ‘both within Australia and international’ received very similar percentages, with about a quarter of respondents (24.38 per cent) planning to travel overseas and another quarter (25.98 per cent) responding that they were planning to travel both domestically and internationally.

Q2: When do you plan to travel?


Almost a third of respondents (31.30 per cent) nominated that they were unsure of when they would travel this summer (or that they were planning a trip for another time not specified in the response options – i.e. after March 2014?). The second most popular response was March 2014 with almost 30 per cent (29.69 per cent) of people selecting the first month of autumn as when they were planning on travelling. January 2014 was the third most popular response with just over a quarter of respondents choosing this option (26.55 per cent). February 2014 and December 2013 received similar responses with 18.07 pre cent of people selecting February 2014 as when they were planning on travelling, and the December 2013 narrowly being the least popular month for travel with 17.56per cent respondents selecting it.

Q3: What’s the main reason for your travel?


The overwhelming reason for travel as nominated by respondents to the survey was ‘recreation’, with almost half selecting this option (47.16 per cent). The second most popular reason for travel was ‘visiting family’, with almost a quarter of respondents choosing this answer (24.85 per cent). ‘Adventure’ was the third most popular reason for travel with approximately one in ten respondents nominating this choice (11.11%). ‘Visiting friends’ was the fourth most popular response (7.12 per cent). While ‘group tour’ and ‘other’ were the least popular reasons for travel, with 3.90 per cent and 5.85 per cent of respondents selecting these options respectively.

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