What’s so funny about sex?

Comedy is a great way to confront topics which may be considered uncomfortable. Sex and getting older are just two such topics tackled with a flourish of songs and one-liners in Melbourne’s latest stage show, More sex please… we’re seniors!.

Taking its lead from the 1970s production, No sex please, we’re British, John-Michael Howson has tackled the issues of sex and seniors head on, with a tongue-in-cheek musical which embraces the Aussie bluntness. Two married couples from very different backgrounds meet by chance when they’re considering which retirement village to make their new home.

Guantanamo Palms appeals to Roy and Myra’s need for security, as Myra hasn’t felt safe since a bum-pinching incident 20 years previous. Mac and Joan are looking to escape their beachside idyll, which has become overrun by unwanted family and friends. Despite being thrown together in this retirement village, the two couples soon become firm friends and are not backward about discussing family, sex, politics, Christmas and their anti-internet stance.

Jane Clifton and Mark Mitchell work well together as Mac and Joan, not taking themselves too seriously and simply wanting to enjoy life now that they’re on their own. Tracy Harvey and Michael Veitch play the slightly more uptight Roy and Myra, who seem to have found in Mac and Joan friends with whom they can finally be honest.

On the first night performance the audience was engaged and if laughing and clapping are an indication of how much enjoyment was being had, then More sex please… we’re seniors! looks to be a crowd pleaser.

More sex please… we’re seniors!

Comedy Theatre,Exhibition Street,Melbourne

31 October to 9 December 2012

Find out more or buy tickets at www.mspws.com.au

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