Where’s Debbie - Gold Fever!


It’s time to find my fortune so today I’m heading where those who heard there was gold to be found had ventured many years before. So which part of the wonderful Yukon am I in now?

Some 30,000 people set off in search of their fortune when the news that gold had been found filtered through to the rest of the world – it’s surprising how fast good news travels, even over 100 years ago. The treacherous journey over the Chilkoot pass, which could only be made on foot, carrying all your provisions and belongings with you, wasn’t undertaken by the faint hearted but often the unprepared.

Now home to just 1,500 permanent residents, this frontier town is still reminiscent of the decadent heyday enjoyed when it was much larger. Can can girls still dance, (yes, I tried it and it’s harder than it looks) Bombay Peggy’s is still the place to grab a classic cocktail and gold is still being mined.

So, where am I today and in which year was the gold rush fever at it’s height? (Hint: you can find the answer here)

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