Who uses Apps?

Just about everyone who has a smartphone uses Apps, but f you’re not sure if you’re the kind of person who may use one, perhaps you need some suggestions on what type of Apps are available.

Shopping lists
Most of the major retailers have Apps which allow you to create shopping lists and even scan the barcodes of products in your cupboard which you can add to your list and order online.

Staying healthy
There are Apps to help you manage your weight loss, keep track of how much exercise you’re doing and even offer words of encouragement if you get disheartened.

If you enjoy crosswords, trivia or even arcade games, there’s a whole load of Apps which can keep you entertained for hours, or for even just the five minutes you have to wait on your bus.

You can transfer money, pay bills and even calculate the interest on your savings with your own financial institution’s app.

Newspapers and magazines
These Apps work best on tablet computers as the screens on phones are just too small to be able to comfortably read the day’s news, but your favourite reading material can now be at your fingertips.

You can ensure you never miss an appointment, forget to take medication, or get a parking ticket with Apps to remind you to do just about everything.