Who’s winning the Melbourne Cup?

Even if you’re not one for betting, the Melbourne Cup usually warrants a couple of dollars on a horse, but how do you choose which one? Why not take some inspiration from the YOURLIfeChoices team?

An Australian horse named Ethiopia just has to be my pick to win the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday. How bizarre – how much fun is this? It captures both the Aussie essence of humour and multiculturalism, so I will do something I haven’t done for 22 years – I will actually place a bet and hope this local beauty does the trick. I know absolutely nothing about horse racing, but apparently Ethiopia is a strong stayer and that sounds good enough for me!

The first thing I look for when choosing a horse is the colour of the jockey’s silks. Anything which vaguely resembles the Scottish Saltire or my footy team colours and I’m parting with my money. Failing that, the next thing I look for is the name, anything which grabs my eye may get a dollar or two. And lastly, if all that fails, I just pick one which I’ve heard mentioned by those in the know! This year Maluckyday will be taking my money.

I am quite a keen race goer and have been known to study the form for hours before backing my chosen horse. I have an interest in a few runners for the Melbourne Cup, but if you want to know my tip, be sure to read my news article on Tuesday.

I do put a few dollars on the Melbourne Cup each year. I use the highly scientific method of ‘Pick A Funny Name’. The horse names are definitely on the serious side this year, so in the name of science this year I’m going to have to pick Galileo’s Choice.

As one who can barely distinguish the bow from the stern of any horse, punting has not occuppied much of my life thus far. Somewhat discouraged by early reversals at the Potts Point TAB, in the eastern suburbs of my home town, Sydney, which, having fallen in with the ‘wrong crowd’ at work, I used to frequent, I’ve sworn-off this ‘hobby’.

Nowadays, I don’t so much pick my GG, rather it picks me! Once a year, that ‘race that stops a nation’ generates the inevitable office sweep. As you would expect, here in the YOURLifeChoices bunker, we are so organised that the horse numbers appear opposite the crew’s names days prior to the actual race! So, whilst I have absolutely no idea which unfortunate beast and jockey will carry my hopes, and coin, in the race, I do know that it’s #15!

It matters little which horse ends up being #15 because there’s no way it’s ever going to take a place, let alone win. That’s why all the YOURLifeChoices sweeps also pay…..last past the post!