Why waste?

An American economics and agriculture expert visiting Australia has warned of the amplification of the global food crisis in future generations. Chris Barrett warned that as the world’s population grows, food supply could become a serious issue. Richer nations are suggested to be contributing to the problem by wasting food. Barrett has suggested that these nations could reduce the portions of packaged foods and restaurant meals to avoid wasting so much food.

Hopefully this news encourages people to look at their own food usage and they’ll try to reduce waste. Aside from the global issues described above, reducing the amount of food you waste can also save you money and possibly improve your health. I’ll put my hand up and acknowledge that I am a small-time food waster. Every couple of weeks, usually on bin night, I clean out the fridge and find decomposing avocados, unloved ham, neglected marinades and occasionally mouldy cheese. Hopefully these predictions of a future food crisis will help me to change my errant ways. One important thing I will start doing is taking more notice of what’s in the fridge before I go shopping. This will avoid doubling up on items and ultimately wasting food when the surplus reaches its expiry date before I can eat it all. I’ll also try to be more inventive in the kitchen to better utilise what I have in the cupboard/fridge.

Are you a food waster? If yes, will you join me in trying to change your ways? If no, can you share some of your tips to avoid wasting food?

Written by gedmc