Wills and Kate expecting

St James’s Palace has announced that Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first baby. The duchess is in King Edward VII hospital in central London as she is reported to have severe morning sickness. This announcement tops a great year for the Brits, starting with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, followed by a highly successful Olympic Games.

Watch the cameras poised outside the royal hospital bed.

Opinion: Everybody loves a baby

Last week she was racing around a hockey field in high heels and this week she’s in hospital with morning sickness. What a duchess, what a gal! The royal baby is trending strongly on Twitter with the usual inane celebrity gushing. The Kardashians have hit the high spot in cerebral polish with Khloe with a K tweeting “A royal baby!!! 🙂 Awwww so sweet”, and her sister, Kim with a K replying “Awww so cute!” British PM, David Cameron is “delighted” and assures us that they “will make wonderful parents”. I’m not sure how he can predict this, but we probably all hope he will be right. The Twitterverse is also afloat with unlikely baby names including Luke Skywalker or Chardonnay. But the serious money is on Elizabeth after her grandmother. And to continue in a serious vein, in a world torn with civil unrest, extreme poverty and too many human rights violations, don’t we all love to know there is a baby on the way; one who will probably be loved and adored and will grow up with a chance of doing well personally – and for others? And if I had one wish for the royal child that was guaranteed to come true, it would be that William and Kate’s son or daughter will have a chance to enjoy their parents away from the limelight – some private family time where they can simply love and be loved.

Written by Kaye Fallick