Windfall for workers

Open up the newspaper on any given day and there will be a report on people losing their jobs, or being treated badly by their employer. So when Grenda buses told staff the company was being sold, employees naturally feared the worst.

The sale of Grenda to bus operator Ventura netted the family $400 million. In recognising that the company only became successful and a saleable prospect due to the hard work, courtesy and loyalty of its staff, the Grenda company put aside $15 million from the sale to repay workers.

Some staff phoned their banks to see if there had been a mistake when they noticed amounts between $1000 and $30,000 had been deposited in their accounts. On top of the financial bonus, Grenda has worked hard to negotiate with Ventura to ensure all jobs are safe.

Read what Debbie has to say on this ‘miraculous’ story.

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