Windowless window seats?

How many times have you booked the window seat, only to board the plane and see that you’ve actually missed the window?

This is truly disappointing if you were eager to view the clouds from up above.

Sometimes these seats don’t match up with a window because some airlines squeeze extra rows of seating on board, realigning what was originally a perfect sequence.

But now, Virgin Australia has revealed that those ‘window’ seats that have no window have air conditioning system components stored in the wall.

So, if you enjoy watching the sky from a window seat, Virgin says it’s best to avoid:

  • seat 9A on Boeing 737-800
  • seat 39A on the Airbus 330-200
  • seats 21A and 21K on Boeing 777-300ER.

If you really love a good view to pass the time, make sure you do your research first.

Have you ever had a windowless window seat?

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Written by annapa


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