YourLifeChoices Community Guidelines

The Meeting Place is a free online forum that provides a safe, secure environment where you can exchange ideas and information on life in retirement. In order to to ensure everyone has fun on the Meeting Place, we have created these easy-to-follow guidelines.

Of course we encourage the sharing of opinions, but it’s important to remember that no one opinion is right, therefore, no one has the right to put anyone else’s opinion down. If you don’t agree with someone’s point of view, please respond with an intelligent rebuttal. It’s okay to say someone’s point is silly, but it’s not okay to say that the poster is stupid.

So, please, follow our community guidelines, have a laugh, and enjoy your time on the Meeting Place forum.

    • We expect that members will interact as they would in a face-to-face social situation. Just because you are behind a computer does not mean you should not extend the same common courtesy to other members as you would in person. Pretend you’re sitting at a communal table at dinner time and try to maintain a level of civility that you would show in a public place. It is a public forum after all.
    • Be respectful of other members. We will not tolerate personal attacks, bickering, harassment or bullying of other members. To ensure that you don’t become a target of personal attacks, try to construct intelligent arguments backed by evidence or personal experience. It’s best not to poke a stick in the wasp’s nest if you want to steer clear of bullying and unsavoury responses.
    • Please consider what will offend other members before you post anything.
    • Should you post something that is considered to be inappropriate or offensive it will be deleted as soon as possible and this will be considered your first unofficial warning. Because we deal with hundreds of comments each day, posts may be deleted without warning, so, if you see a post missing and wish to query it with the moderator, please feel free to do so, otherwise, it should be accepted that the deleted post was inappropriate.
    • Conversation is to be constructive and kept on topic. Any bickering, unconstructive or irrelevant comments may be removed with or without warning.
    • Direct attacks on racial or religious groups will not be tolerated. Nor will blatant sexism, homophobia or discrimination of any kind.
    • Such attacks will be removed and the offending member will be officially warned.
    • Swearing will not be tolerated. Any post containing an inappropriate or swear word will be removed or edited.
    • Any private messages are just that – private. If a member posts a private message on a public forum, the message will be removed and so will the offending member – permanently. This is to protect the privacy of all of our members. If you feel you are receiving offensive or inappropriate private messages, please forward them to the Forum Moderator so we can take appropriate action.
    • Advertising or promotional material for another website or any product will not be tolerated without prior permission of a YourLifeChoices staff member. Such material will be removed unless previously approved.
    • It is the responsibility of the poster to ensure that any images or articles shared on the Meeting Place are correctly referenced back to the source and that you have obtained the right required copyright.
    • After two warnings or two comments from the same user have been removed the third will result in the offending user being banned from the YourLifeChoices online community.

If you have any issues with regards to these guidelines and the way in which they are enforced, please don’t hesitate to contact the forum moderator.