Travel Gadget: unlimited fast, secure wifi wherever you go

Your very own fast, secure wifi hotspot in the palm of your hand.

Unlimited safe wifi in your pocket

While many like to go on holiday to get away from the everyday, some are sticklers for staying connected. The latter are bound to fall in love with this unlimited global wifi device.

Skyroam gives you a wifi hotspot in the palm of your hand, or pocket, or wherever you decide to put this powerful little passport to constant connectedness.

You can buy Skyroam outright for around US$165 and for as little as US$8 a day. Not only will you have unlimited wifi keeping you connected to your loved ones, but also you’ll never again suffer post-holiday bill shock.

The US$165 layout may seem high, but I’ve heard accounts of people coming home with higher phone bills after using their maps app and Facebook on their holiday. You can also rent Skyroam, but the cost for wifi per day is closer to US$10.

The personal hotspot provides fast, secure, mobile internet in 70 countries, with 3G or 4G connections and without the need of a SIM card. There are no data limits, no contracts, no international SIM swapping or surprise fees.

Simply turn it on and activate a day pass, and you’ll be able to connect up to five devices at the same time.

Five day passes are included with your initial purchase, and you can buy more.

Learn more about Skyroam at



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    2nd Dec 2017
    Sounds expensive to other options available.
    Occasional Traveller
    2nd Dec 2017
    Have a look at KnowRoaming, a SIM card sticker that means you never have to bother with travel SIM cards again and when used in conjunction with WhatsApp allows free calls, texts and videos. Look em up on Google????
    2nd Dec 2017
    Not sure what happened to earlier posts, they seem to have disappeared? Whenever I travel to the UK/Europe I buy a sim from Tesco's the last time I bought a 10 pound sim and got 30 pounds worth of calls and texts, with the open borders arrangement these SIM cards can be used throughout UK and Europe, the call costs were only pennies per minute and 5p for text, other areas throughout the world have similar arrangemnets, you research the areas you are visiting to find the best deals
    2nd Dec 2017
    just use free wifi which most hotels and many cafes have etc, even airports
    2nd Dec 2017
    just use free wifi which most hotels and many cafes have etc, even airports
    3rd Dec 2017
    We usually just buy a local sim card so we can contact each other, fairly cheap, and has worked well in Thailand, Hong Kong and Bali.For calls/ messages/emails to family and friends back home, we use a laptop and the hotel wifi.

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