How passengers react when told to brace for impact

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When you listen to safety procedures prior to take-off or look through the flight safety card in the back of the chair in front of you, you may have a fleeting thought about what it would be like to have to act out these procedures. Then you tell yourself that flying is the safest mode of transport and those thoughts quickly dissipate.

But what if you did ever have to ‘brace’ for an emergency landing?

Passengers on a flight from Phoenix recently had to endure this harrowing experience, after a broken fan on one of the engines filled the cockpit with smoke, putting the plane in a precarious position and pilots having to inform it passengers that they should brace for an emergency landing.

Onboard was an ex-pilot, Steve Ramsthel, who decided to film the drama and post it on Facebook. Today, we share his video with you.

“There were some people crossing themselves, but I thought the adrenaline was high and everybody just cooperated. It was pretty amazing to be honest with you,” Mr Ramsthel told Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV.

According to the American Airlines statement: “A flight made an emergency landing on January 17 due to mechanical issues stemming from a broken fan. There were no reported injuries.”

Kind of underplays the plight of the passengers who went through the ordeal.

The plane has since been inspected and is now back in service.

Have you ever been in a similar (brace) position?

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