Seven common retirement mistakes - and how to avoid them

When it comes to retirement, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do.

Seven common retirement mistakes

When it comes to retirement, knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. Our simple video explains the seven planning mistakes that it pays to avoid.

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    18th May 2017
    and don't forget money under the bed, asset reduction.
    18th May 2017
    The biggest problem is probably 'finding a competent, reliable, independent Financial Advisor.
    18th May 2017
    I have used two and neither of them did anything for me, so if there is a good one out there let us all know.
    18th May 2017
    I have never seen a financial advisor purely because the cost is prohibitive for me - I have very little savings to be able to spend on an advisor!! I know all the stuff in the video, but long term I am unsure where I stand
    18th May 2017
    Love the idea of money under the bed Nerk!
    I am 59 and scared of the idea of having to retire but my job is heavy and my back will not last too much longer. Hubby is hell bent on spending his super and doing a great job at it.(what on, I'm not completely sure). We will have to rely on mine when I retire. Not looking forward to the fixed income or the unknown to come.
    18th May 2017
    Reducing total asset value by putting money under the bed when claiming the Age Pension is likely to be fraud
    18th May 2017
    Damn! What about the sock drawer then?
    The pom
    18th May 2017
    Many years before my retirement I saw a Financial advisor and told hi what my situation was and what I wanted for my retirement. The plan he sent me was a good way of making him a rich man at my expense. I junked his plan without paying his bill and carried on to do it my way. Now well into my eighties I am in a happy position of not worrying about money.
    22nd May 2017
    The style of presenting the information - ie. embedded video format - was good, although I found the content a little simplistic, commonsense really.
    I'm still of the opinion that, when using a financial planner, the only one guaranteed to benefit, is the financial planner.
    4th Oct 2017
    I researched a large number of financial advisors a short time ago. I could not find one that was not owned by a bank or a large financial institution.
    This profession ranks below used car salesman
    The pom
    4th Oct 2017
    I wouldn't rank them quite so highly.

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