Budget 2016/17: Targeted welfare safety net

Stopping the Clean Energy Supplement is just one welfare measure.

Budget 2016/17 – targeted welfare safety net

If you currently receive the Clean Energy Supplement think yourself lucky as those who are granted an Age Pension after 20 September 2016 will not receive this additional payment.

Ending the Clean Energy Supplement
Since the removal of indexation to the payment in 2014, the Clean Energy supplement is paid at the flat rate of $14.10 for singles and $10.60 for couples. While existing recipients will continue to receive the payment, those granted welfare payments after 20 September 2016 will not get this extra payment.

This measure is expected to save $1.3 billion over five years.

Clamping down on Disability Support Pension
To encourage participation in the workforce, over the next three years up to 90,000 recipients of the Disability Support Pension (DSP) will have their capacity to work reviewed.

A third of these reviews will include a Disability Medical Assessment for those considered being at high risk of losing their payment.

Consolidation of dental schemes
To ensure that better dental services are delivered to those who need them most, the Government will scrap the Child Dental Benefits Schedule and Adult Public Dental Services currently funded under National Partnership Agreements (NPA) with states and territories.

Savings from these schemes, as well as funding of $1.7 billion over four years, will fund the new Child and Adult Public Dental Scheme which will also be delivered under a National Partnership Agreement.

As these services will be delivered by states and territories, the details have yet to be agreed and finalised.

What about you? Do you think that stopping the Clean Energy Supplement is a good move? Do you think dental services will improve under the new scheme?

Correction: 'welfare payments after 20 September 2016' replaced 'welfare payments after 1 July 2017'.



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    4th May 2016
    Scrapping the Clean Energy Supplement - mean and tricky. Taking from the poorest. The new Dental plans - where are all those extra dentists going to come from? You betcha - in 6 months we'll hear how it didn't work.
    4th May 2016
    Just posted this on other items in response to comments so my be of interest here where it relates directly

    However don't you find it strange that they Grandfathered the Clean Energy Supplement so that it DIDNT get eliminated for EXISTING pensioners and only eliminated it for NEW pensioners after July.

    Given the Govts expressed views about NOT grandfathering the Assets test changes due Jan 2017, - because they would be to hard to manage, why have the accepted Grandfathering now? can only be the numbers or Dollars are small. I predicted on this forum earlier in the year the Clean Energy Supplemented would be eliminated for ALL pensioners, I think for political reasons its a bit like "eat elephants slowly, they are hard to digest!! , therefore clearly it will happen
    Happy Jack
    4th May 2016
    What else would you expect from this measly mob. With Moaning Morrie and Tumbles Turntable trying to cover their tracks with their silly clichés, such as 'we need to be an innovative nation, we need to be smarter", we shouldn't be asking anything of this budget, etc, etc, and in the mean time doing sweet stuff all in this budget to achieve these aims.
    The Australian voter is not stupid- they will see through this smoke screen that's being used to hide the fact that this LIEberal party Govt is pandering to their voter base in the hope of being re-elected.
    Look at their plan for lowering company tax where they state it will be phased in over ten years. For god sake, that's over at least three elections away. Who has had the temerity to tell them they will be in power for that period? Goes to show how conceited this conservative mob are with their born to rule mentality. If you ask me, they've got a bloody cheek.
    No, what they need is another term in opposition so they can have a real good think about what's needed for this country to prosper and along the way give all of our citizens a fair suck of the sav. Nobody expects everyone to have the same income or standard of living but when we look at how the already wealthy have been given the green light to continue the negative gearing rip off whilst the dream of young Australians of owning their own home becomes a nightmare, it is quite clear that there two classes in in this country- 'the have's' who this Govt is nestling up to and the have not's which they prepared to discard. I say give, them a little time for contemplation in opposition.

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