Forget space exploration, get cracking on a due date

Science and research have broken through many barriers, now for our due date.

So nice that NASA sent that sweet little machine into space to photograph Saturn’s rings, but did the investment match the outcome? Are we wasting budgets and resources?

Here is where we are, pretty much stuck in our strangely open-ended lifespans; lives that should be devoted to a much more pressing area of science – our life expectancy. To be more specific, a use-by date.

Consider the opportunity such research could offer bright-minded, well-resourced scientists, physicists and doctors, and perhaps even philosophers and psychologists.

We are born, we marry – or least shack up in a meaningful way – and we die, the three vital, usually celebrated steps that set the pattern for the continuance of our kind.

Pregnant women are given a due date and are able to plan their lives accordingly. Weddings can be scheduled to the very minute. Both of these are, usually, optimistic, life-enhancing occasions.

Death is such a different matter that, most of the time, we don’t even think about it, never mind make a time-plan and a guest list.

Suppose you get sick, and the doctors discover it is due to something rather serious. There is malfunction in an organ or two, or your clever neurological or chemical systems have been hacked and are doing things that will leave you increasingly helpless.

You go to hospital where teams of dedicated fixers swing into their curing roles and for a while you become the centre of their and your family’s and friends’ attention. Your body is subjected to drugs, surgery, implants, transplants, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.

Usually things improve, but some things can’t be clearly diagnosed or successfully treated. “You could have a few months,” a doctor might say. “Or you could go on for years.” So you go home and take your pain and/or bewilderment with you.

It is what happens next that seems to me to cry out for further exploration, because you can no longer pretend you are here for the long haul. 

In the post-death sentence state, you don’t necessarily know how quickly your illness will progress. If you are rational – people with dementia have a different set of problems – and not in severe pain, you have to start living this strange, budgeting-with-no-fixed-timeline existence.

Whatever you do, health issues will own you and, to a great extent, run your life. The man with the scythe has a foot in your door, and you know he is never going to leave. You also don’t know when he will step all the way in and get you, and this makes planning for whatever time you have left so difficult that the option of legal euthanasia might start to feel like a comfort.

It seems to me that the medical/scientific world needs to devote itself to accurate, practical prognostication. I am not a doctor, but I am a very experienced patient.

Here’s what the researchers need to do. 

They need to work out what the organising system is in each body, to see where weaknesses, defences, reinforcements and deprivations lie. To some extent they already do this. They see that blood vessels have filled with fatty droplets or that various kinds of cells are either growing too rapidly and in the wrong places or are not growing enough.

Clever advances in the medical world have already given us longevity our grandparents would not have believed possible. But prognostication is still a vague science.

Researchers might devise testing methods that delve into each person’s genetic script to determine exactly when the scythe will fall. 

Of course, researchers would have to deal with a big range of variables, such as diet choices, the weather, other people’s germs, the patient’s truthfulness and, of course, accidents. But, in standard conditions, I imagine a prognostic report would say something like: “Provided you stick to the diet, sleep and exercise regimens you worked out with your professional team, your use-by date will be no later than  …”

If you didn’t want to know your use-by date, you wouldn’t have to ask. But my guess is that most people in this peculiar situation would be glad to know for sure that we had no more than three months, or three years and 43 days, or 10 years and a week.

Then we could proceed more confidently into living, rather than have our focus constantly pulled towards dying. Our decisions would be more realistic, less deranged by hope, hyper-alertness or despair. Fear would be replaced by confidence.

Presuming that you do not have dementia, or are not in a state of severe chronic pain, and you had been given a definite date, you could more easily decide, for example, about upgrading your car, putting solar panels on your house, travelling to India, buying a puppy.

Potential heirs, who may be somewhat eager to see you out, may be more inclined to back off because they know how long they need to wait.

Accurate prognostication could save the world a fortune in ultimately useless medical interventions.  More importantly, it would keep an increasingly large proportion of society sane, focused and more confidently ticking off do-able things on realistic bucket-lists – lists that would probably include planning pretty spectacular farewell parties.

Would you ask to know your use-by date if that were possible? Would the capacity to know help or hinder your enjoyment of life?



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    25th Nov 2018
    Listen to Monty Python's "The Galaxy Song"
    25th Nov 2018
    - or Monty Python's, " I am not dead yet!" hehe
    and the meaning of life is 42!
    V1K1 I agree - black humour is by far the best way to approach our darkest hours.

    As for space exploration. My life's quest in my short 100 year gift of life on the planet Earth is to learn as much about the Universe from the depths of our oceans to ancient galaxies in the abyss.
    Money is just a means of transacting goods and services. The Universe is far beyond a few coins in my pocket.

    25th Nov 2018
    Well -I know I'm past my use by date, and it is a source of personal pride that I've held off The Reaper several times.... in several ways...

    Got too much to do, not least the work of saving a nearly morally and intellectually defunct nation from itself..... but I'll be here to pester you and politicians for a while yet...

    25th Nov 2018
    This is naval-gazing garbage. Unless humankind finds a way to reach other star systems, we are doomed to extinction. NASA is a crucial ingredient in this search.
    25th Nov 2018
    Looking at ships and submarines?
    26th Nov 2018
    We only have 5 billion years to come up with a plan!

    25th Nov 2018
    This rather dumb article presumes an either/or approach. There's no reason why human beings cannot conduct BOTH medical research AND space exploration.
    25th Nov 2018
    If anything Medical Research is the human race's ultimate undoing.
    Instead of adhering to Darwin's theory of evolution we are not becoming genetically stronger each generation. We are enabling weaker genes to survive as we perpetually repair and treat conditions.
    I am glad of all the things we can fix - and I wouldn't be writing this now if they hadn't, however it is a fact. We have found a way to nurture the sick, the weak and the dying and in exchange we have over-population and starvation.
    So I thank the Medical Profession for all they have done for me. Yet, I am aware we are playing God and there is a yin and yang.
    25th Nov 2018
    I've either outlived my use by date (given to me over 20 years ago that I had 6 months to live) or the year that those six months are in hasn't rolled around yet!!! Quite frankly I believe that science deciding when our use by date is due is fraught with danger and perhaps culling of those who reach that magic number, regardless of whether they are a burden or not. To me, even though I suffer severed and largely unrelievable chronic pain (I am highly allergic to codeine/morphine and their many derivatives) I keep myself busy helping others, and I'm glad that even though humans long ago declared me unfit to be employed, God obviously still has a purpose for me. I have the company of my two furry companions, and both look after me very well. I've outlived two of the doctors who gave their decree many years ago. As I often say to others who've been told their use-by date, don't die before you stop breathing! Science does not and cannot know everything, humans are far from infallible. I'm happy to be still on this mortal coil, but won't protest when God does invite me Home either.
    25th Nov 2018
    Just a by the way, I did read the writer's comment that if someone wanted to know their use by date they would be told, BUT how long will it be before one is expected to die at their given date regardless? I say this from experience, years ago aborting a perfectly healthy foetus was thought to be a terrible crime, now that abortion is legalized if a single woman doesn't want an abortion she's often deemed to be 'only after the sole parent's pension' (having been on it when bringing up 3 children after divorce, I can say it's nothing to aspire to)?
    25th Nov 2018
    Dear Viki,
    With due respect you lack an understanding of both the purpose and the scope of both fields.
    Exploring space has helped to give us the dual benefits of understanding the power and beauty of the universe (and an inkling of what we might be able to achieve in it in the future) and the enormous array of technological spin-offs which have expanded our capabilities here on earth (radio, gps, satellite forecasting etc etc).
    Predicting what might happen with our bodies is a much more difficult task, as there are so many other factors to take account of (such as the human spirit, unforeseen contingencies, new discoveries in medecine etc etc)
    I favour spending money on learning as much about our wonderful universe and leaving my use by date in the lap of the 'gods'.
    25th Nov 2018
    Space flight incurs problems not normally experienced so new technologies have to be developed that can have much practical use, - ( not just for underwater voyaging) - new fabrics, more sophisticated computers and other devices, and most important, because space craft were sent to Venus and rockets with sensors sent into the atmosphere, we have discovered that the atmosphere of Venus is over 96% carbon dioxide, - no water nor oxygen, just a bit of sulphuric acid and argon.
    This put paid to the Global Warming Deniers claim that Carbon dioxide was good for you, the more the better, and indeed currently it is believed by many that modern Venus is the result of runaway greenhose effect, (possibly by it's inhabitants behaving the same way us humans are behaving on Our precious planet) so we don't need to try it ourselves to know what will happen if we don't stop throwing billions of tons of C02 into the atmosphere, all life on earth will be destroyed.
    Thanks to Space flight we now know what are our options, - Pollute and Perish, or Live Sustainably in regards to Co2 concentration in our atmosphere, - we've got, what? another 12 years?
    25th Nov 2018
    Lookfar wrote: "the atmosphere of Venus is over 96% carbon dioxide, - no water nor oxygen, just a bit of sulphuric acid and argon.
    This put paid to the Global Warming Deniers claim that Carbon dioxide was good for you"

    Yeah right. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing ...

    FYI the Venusian atmosphere is over 90 times as DENSE as that on Earth but it is not the greenhouse effect which is warming it up.

    This is proven by the fact that with the very slow rotation of Venus THE DARK SIDE DOES NOT COOL DOWN OVER THE THOUSANDS OF VENUSIAN NIGHT HOURS as it does on Earth.

    It's the atmospheric pressure stupid!

    If Earth's atmosphere was as thick as that on Venus, Earth would also be a fiery hothouse.
    25th Nov 2018
    Hey lookfar,

    Oh, I forgot to mention another very good reason for the lack of a greenhouse effect on Venus.

    Venus is totally shrouded in THICK CLOUD COVER which prevents most of the incident sunlight reaching the surface.

    This reflected sunlight makes Venus the brightest planet in the solar system, being easily visible from Earth with the naked eye.
    25th Nov 2018
    I think it would be a good idea if life started the other way around -- stared at the ënd" and finished at the beginning, with an orgasm.

    No, I don't really want to know the date of my demise
    25th Nov 2018
    No point spending more on medical research they never find cures because that will do in the pharmaceutical companies. Have a read of Anthony Williams books, medical medium, Liver Rescue, LIfe changing foods, and Thyroid healing and you will find some insights into the future of health. Our bodies are very resilient but we need to take care of them, feed them wholefoods and stop abusing them.
    As for space exploration, as much as it is interesting I still don't know the purpose of spending so much money on it, where is it getting us? We are still trashing the planet we have.
    25th Nov 2018
    I am with you music, we have stuffed this planet AND outer space already -- why wreck more planets -- as man seems to wreck everything he touches.

    They would be far better spending money on making this planet a better place and helping those that need it rather than unnecessary spending
    25th Nov 2018
    Plan wrote " we have stuffed this planet"

    Looks like you spent far too much time listening to propaganda, spin & lies from rabid/leftie/warmists and indoctrinated kids!

    The planet is in excellent shape due, inter alia, more colourless, odourless trace gas, plant food CO2 ain the atmosphere.

    Poverty and starvation are dropping rapidly.

    New Scientist had a cover story in 2013 titled "The Great Greening, The Coming Of Our New Lush Earth" .... far from being "trashed"

    9 Graphs That Prove Carbon Dioxide Is Our Best Friend

    CSIRO: Desrts greening from rising carbin dioxide

    Climate chicken Littles Choke on Record Wheat Crop

    25th Nov 2018
    LUV, Shame about the deforestation and the plastic and the killing off of all the fauna and flora and the amount of radiation in the oceans/soil and atmosphere though
    25th Nov 2018
    PlanB, I don't take any notice of LUVCO2, with a name like that he must have shares in the coal, oil and gas industries, and with glaciers melting all over the earth, rising temperatures, and rising sea water, we do not have to look far, not too mention the erratic weather patterns, we just had summer, spring, winter and autumn all in one week in Victoria.
    25th Nov 2018
    Hey music, planb

    "rising temperatures"
    thanks to massive data tampering of historical climate data and thermometers located at airports and other urban locations. Of course temoeratures will "rise"!!

    Retired Professor (geologist&data computation expert)...NASA GISS Have Tampered The RAW Data So Extensively That They Effectively "Invented globalwarming®"

    COMPELLING VIDEO: How Credible Is The Global Temperature Record?

    2017 - The Fakest Year On Record At NASA & NOAA

    Surface Temperature Records: Policy Driven Deception?

    Got it! "Scientists" don’t know what caused 1920 to 1940 Arctic warming, and they don’t know what caused 1940 to 1980 cooling, but they totally know that CO2 caused post-1970’s warming!!!!!!

    PEER REVIEWED STUDY: Most Global Warming Is Fabricated
    Nearly All Recent #globalwarming is FABRICATED

    NASA GISS Adjustments 1980, 1987, 2007, 2001, 2015

    FLASHBACK 1907: Glaciers receding DURING NASA's "COLDEST" YRS ON RECORD!


    FLASHBACK 1885 Glaciers Shrinking Fast!

    FLASHBACK 1906: Glaciers have been receding for 45yrs!

    Sea Level Fraud At The Union Of Concerned Socialists .... er ...."Scientists". Using sea level junk science in an effort to obtain donations.

    WORLD Leading Authority : Climate and Sea Level Science Is A “Quasi Religion” Hijacked By An Activist Agenda

    NASA “Sea Level Rise” Fraud

    Worldwide tide gauge comparisons show NO ACCELERATION in sea level rise!
    25th Nov 2018
    Planb wrote " Shame about the deforestation"



    Don’t Ask Alarmist “Scientists” Why Trees Are Growing Much Faster
    25th Nov 2018
    Geez LUVCO2 you are really desperate to prove a point, how can I trust any of these sources, they could also be made up?.
    Here is mine:
    But I guess you will discredit that too, what is in it for you? it makes me wonder.
    Try telling those effected by climate change and rising waters that it is not happening.
    25th Nov 2018
    Music wrote: "Try telling those effected by climate change and rising waters"

    I'm still waiting to see any significant "climatechange®" in my lifetime.
    When is it due?
    Do you have a date?
    What "climatechange®" have you seen or are you just relying on hyped "news" reports?

    Maybe you have indoctrinated kids parroting to you that "climatechange® is real"

    Please let the silent, rational majority know what has convinced you ...
    25th Nov 2018

    97% of climate scientists agree it is happening, not sure what the other 3 % think.

    The maldive residents started seeing rising seas already.

    No matter what happens LUVCO2, I do think we need to clean up our act and stop spewing pollution in the atmosphere anyhow, not good for anyone's health, especially babies and young children.
    26th Nov 2018
    Well LUV --- you did not answer this --- that I stated

    The plastic and the killing off of all the fauna and flora and the amount of radiation in the oceans/soil and atmosphere though
    I can remember when
    25th Nov 2018
    Why start off criticising NASA? Have you actually looked at what NASA has given us? They use only 0.4% of the US budget (and notice US, doesn't come out of our pocket so why have a go at them) and spin off tech includes benefits in health, transport, public safety, industry and computer tech.

    And such ignorance about the millions of things that determine how long you live. The very moment you know your life expectancy, your life expectancy would change. And who's going to insure you or lend you money or give you a job if you have a low life expectancy? That's information that could destroy your life and of course then lower your life expectancy and quality of life.

    We already know what helps you live longer, and genome science tells us so much more, and gets more than enough funding.
    25th Nov 2018
    What about a “Best before date”. Mostsposes can givethat.
    25th Nov 2018
    LOL thats LONG gone Amadeoz
    25th Nov 2018
    oops - I think I reached that one!
    25th Nov 2018
    Well Viki Wright Rivett, you must really be the life of the party.
    Such a defeatist mentality you have.

    The medical profession tells me I already died from a heart attack about 14 years ago, but I just slept through it, woke up in the morning, in a pool of sweat, wondering what had happened, and carried on with the rest of my life.

    If I had "known" that I was going to die that night, what misery my current "second" life would be.
    I would have no money super (I would have spent it all before the big day)
    I would have no house (would have sold that too and spent the proceeds)
    I would have no friends (I would have told them all what I really think of them)
    I would have no wife or family (as above)
    And the list would go on and on and on

    The medical profession works 99% on guesswork only.
    Even if they advanced to the point where it wasn't guesswork, and they could give you an actual reliable forecast of the day you will die, then the next advance in life-prolonging medical science would make that date wrong, as would each future advance.

    As for NASA and the vast amounts of money invested in it, most of that is spent on research and problem solving, with huge spin-offs being equally applicable to medical and all other sciences.

    To explore the unknown is to be human. I can only surmise that you are either not quite human or you are an imbecile.
    25th Nov 2018
    Hooray Hawkeye
    25th Nov 2018
    luv C02, your masters have whipped you out to work on Sunday, ha, ha, - a little knowledge is indeed a dangerous thing, the gravity of Venus is 91% of Earth, so gravity is not making the atmosphere dense, the temperature is 467 degrees C, (872 fahrenheit) - temperature reduces density, so it is not that, - aside from the very surface layers, the atmosphere is in a state of vigorous circulation.[3] The upper layer of troposphere exhibits a phenomenon of super-rotation, in which the atmosphere circles the planet in just four Earth days, much faster than the planet's sidereal day of 243 days. (Earth 365 days app.) The winds supporting super-rotation blow at a speed of 100 m/s (~360 km/h or 220 mph) or more. Winds move at up to 60 times the speed of the planet's rotation, while Earth's fastest winds are only 10% to 20% rotation speed, so slow rotation is irrelevant, - what then is it that causes the denseness dear abusive luv?
    Of course it is the Carbon you nitwit, all the carbon available on Venus is in the atmosphere, and if your paymasters, the super rich who own all the oil and coal mines and all the old technology that uses lots of both, the which they cling to for every dollar, and also the media so they can propaganda us all they like, will have their way, Our planet will end up like Venus.
    Of course they don't care, they will be long since dead, as most are already ancient, - look at Murdoch, but as now the brown stuff is already hitting the spinning thing, people like you, Traitors to the human race, may be held to account for your 40 pieces of silver.
    25th Nov 2018
    Lookfar wrote "Of course it is the Carbon you nitwit"

    So how does the greenhouse effect work on Venus if most of the sunlight is reflectd back off by DENSE CLOUD COVER before it can reach the surface???

    Or are you saying that a greenhouse effect can work even without sunlight penetration to the planet's surface.... that would be an interesting hypothesis.....

    And what about Mars?
    It also has a near 100% carbon dioxide atmosphere.
    Why isn't it's surface also a fiery inferno?

    HINT: It's the pressure stupid!

    Would be interesting to see your answer to that!
    25th Nov 2018
    Anti luv co2, that is pathetic, you justify your perfidy with websites, - looked at the 1st one, they said they had to pretend C02 was not happening, so people would change, the second said that total deserts, - which grow almost nothing, had increased 11%, and no mention of time of year, yearly averages or any normal evaluation criteria, then somebody pphotgraphed a fresh glacial retreat, not so much green then 20 years later much more green, hello, are these guys brain dead or just scrabbling in the dirt? - Thing is, ther are many reasons plants grow or not but the main ones are sunlight, good soil and good water, the carbon dioxide is freely available but rarely rare.
    On your own arguments on this website you have dismissed the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as insignificant, now you are saying it is huge? - Liar, very rarely is there enough of the first three to be worried by lack of co2, and then only 5% or less, and usually some other nutrient lacking.
    Up here in the Atherton Table lands we have a rabid nut like you that claims wind turbines don't generate electricity, that there a piles of dead birds at the local wind farm before it was even turned on and similiar fossil fuel propaganda, (I happen to know a local electrician who worked there all through and he said he never saw a dead bird).
    Whatever, he claimed he had heard that greenhouses had been filled wih carbon dioxide yet were no hotter, - b. idiot, greenhouses are warmed by the glass, not the air inside, the co2 is a percentage of the kilometres of atmosphere above the greenhouse, cover the surface of the earth with glass and see how long we all live..
    Whatever, a friend of mine, old but smart and methodical, put extra carbon dioxide into greenhouses he happened to have many of and observed, and so far he has noticed that the higher rates of carbon dioxide did not hurt the Gymnosperms, (pines cycads etc) - the old plants before the bacteria changed the carbon dioxide/methane/ammonia to the modern oxygen atmosphere, which allowed US (being most life on our planet today) to develop and evolve and thrive.
    However the Angiosperms, flowering plants, which comprise the vast majority of plants that we can eat the flowers, leaves, stem, roots and seeds of, - (grain, potatoes, fruit,etc)
    seem to be progressively inhibited.
    I am rather fearfully watching to see how his experiment progresses, as the atmosphere when it had no oxygen had no humans, - just how much carbon dioxide can our major food sources handle? - we will see, but that is why I call that traitor anti love, the human race is developing the qualities of Freedom and Love, those enveloped in greed are capable of neither and would deny us both.
    25th Nov 2018
    Look wrote "just how much carbon dioxide can our major food sources handle?"

    So how do you propose handling the 97.6% of CO2 emissions generated by Mother Nature?

    Compared to that human emissions at 2.4% of total just can't compete!!

    A carbon tax on Mother Nature perhaps .... HMMM ...
    25th Nov 2018
    Anti luv, you are so dumn, just because Venus reflects sunlight so is bright, so does the moon, yet is brighter, despite reflecting much less light, - ninny, Venus does not reflect all the suns light, - who said it did? - how could it? - it reflects much light but not all light, - with so much carbon dioxide it lets no heat back, so remains at such a temperature that even you with your gross ego could not walk there, nor swim in the molten lead pools.
    You try to use 'argument by links,' theoreticaly YLC should disavow those posts, but we are all very tolerant, - I have looked at a few, they are BS, you have not answered my criticisms, so you agree, but post more BS links as if that proved the disproved bs links - stupid, your credibility has gone out the window.
    You have had a long run on this website, almost nobody has listened to you, just tolerated you, but now that many Australians are being directly hurt or killed by the Climate Change you deny, I think it is time you left this lucrative website, because I an on to you, and you will only disgrace your masters because all your arguments are unproven, direct lies, Stupid, and disrespectful of the intelligence of other posters.
    Persevere at your Peril, noodle brains.
    26th Nov 2018
    "now that many Australians are being directly hurt or killed by the Climate Change"

    In what way?

    I haven't even seen any significant "climatechange®". I definitely have not been hurt.
    So who has been?
    Have you?
    How so?

    Do you have any examples of those "hurt or killed by climatechange®" coz I'm at a loss to see anyone hurt from something so imaginary ....

    5 Reasons 2013 Was The Best Year In Human History! Bad luck doomster warmies!

    Warmist doomsters apoplectic.World grain production continues to break all-time records

    Welcome to the CO2 “disaster”, 4BILLION tons more plants, more greenery

    40yrs after 1st Earth Day: Air Quality Has Never Been Better

    Life Expectancy Has Doubled As CO2 Has Risen!

    Overpopulation killed us in the 1970’s,
    then the ozone hole killed us in the 1980s.
    -Not to mention acid rain, swine flu, Y2K, Three Mile Island, Mad Cow Disease, Ebola, AIDS, peak oil, global cooling, global warming ... How did we survive?????

    Lack of access to fossil fuels kILLIMG MILLIONS RIGHT NOW!

    The Warmist agenda a bigger danger than #globalwarming KILLING PEOPLE NOW

    Humans have long fought a war with climate, we’ve won it has been through the use of technology, most recently including the use of fossil fuels.

    Thanks to MISANTHROPIC warmists an elderly person dies every 7mins from fuel poverty

    How Many People would you kill to ”Save” Us from aTheoretical “Modeled” Threat?
    25th Nov 2018
    hate anything but co2 I did not answer your wrong figures about the amount of carbon dioxide generated and absorbed by mother nature, the natural life cycle, badly skewed by fossil fuel carbon spewed into the atmosphere, but if we can absorb that extra carbon, by eg Biochar, and also cut our emissions and generate the huge cheap potential Renewable energy, and connect it, we might survive, even thrive, but it will not be from your vicious betrayal of the rest of us and you should know it right now.
    26th Nov 2018
    Lookf wrote "badly skewed by fossil fuel carbon spewed into the atmosphere"

    How is humanity's 2.4% of total CO2 emissions "badly skewing" anything??

    Look at Mother Nature's 97.6% of total emissions to see the real "culprit"

    Here. let a climate scientist explain ...

    “Control Of Atmospheric CO2”: Climate scientist prof Salby, author of “Fundamentals of Atmospheric Physics”, shows that mother nature is the dominant CO2 emitter.
    Relatively miniscule human emissions don’t count.
    26th Nov 2018
    My conundrum is not my use-by date, it is my best-before date. While my use-by date may be a long way off, and I do not particularly care about when it is, I think my best-before date is more important.
    26th Nov 2018
    That makes more sense Eddy, no point being alive for a long time unless your are healthy enough to enjoy it, eat lots for fruit and veg.
    26th Nov 2018
    Eddy if you had a vegetable at home and knew the use by date then wouldn't you want to consume it prior? That's what happens. I've known people who were aware of a shorter lifespan than the average and crammed in so much more.
    26th Nov 2018
    Why wait for a use by date? We need to get into the mindset to make the most of our lives every day in a way that is unique to ourselves not what society dictates, and to not sweat the small stuff. Death is imminent no matter who we are so why wait till something dictates a use by date. An open and honest conversations about death and dying should be the norm.
    27th Nov 2018
    Quite agree KateA, knowing the date would be a bit like being on death row.
    10th Feb 2019
    I've been thinking about a use-by date for people for some time. By the time we get to 90 who really wants more time? It would save the countries of the world a fortune, and our heirs a lot of grief,if we all decided to cark it at 90. I'd sign up!
    10th Feb 2019
    There are many over 90 year old's that are still fit and healthy and contributing to society in meaningful ways, so no thanks I plan on being fit and healthy why I am working on it now. Countries of the world are making billions of dollars and can afford it, those in the top are just greedy and spending on themselves.
    11th Feb 2019
    As a 90-year-old thats doing well and I know 3 -- and ask what they would want for their birthday would be a few more years!
    10th Feb 2019
    I've been thinking about a use-by date for people for some time. By the time we get to 90 who really wants more time? It would save the countries of the world a fortune, and our heirs a lot of grief,if we all decided to cark it at 90. I'd sign up!
    10th Feb 2019
    I've been thinking about a use-by date for people for some time. By the time we get to 90 who really wants more time? It would save the countries of the world a fortune, and our heirs a lot of grief, if we all decided to cark it at 90. I'd sign up!
    10th Feb 2019
    I've been thinking about a use-by date for people for some time. By the time we get to 90 who really wants more time? It would save the countries of the world a fortune, and our heirs a lot of grief, if we all decided to cark it at 90. I'd sign up!
    10th Feb 2019
    I've been thinking about a use-by date for people for some time. By the time we get to 90 who really wants more time? It would save the countries of the world a fortune, and our heirs a lot of grief, if we all decided to cark it at 90. I'd sign up!
    10th Feb 2019
    I've been thinking about a use-by date for people for some time. By the time we get to 90 who really wants more time? It would save the countries of the world a fortune, and our heirs a lot of grief, if we all decided to cark it at 90. I'd sign up!

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