What does your plane seat say about you?

Choosing a window seat or an aisle seat says a lot about your personality.

What does your plane seat say about you?

Your decision to choose a window seat or aisle seat (because no-one chooses the middle seat!) says a lot about your personality – supposedly …

According to psychologist Becky Spelman, choosing a window seat means you’re more selfish than someone who chooses the aisle seat.

“Passengers who favour the window seat like to be in control, tend to take an ‘every man for themselves’ attitude towards life, and are often more easily irritable. They also like to 'nest' and prefer to exist in their own bubble,” Dr Spelman told The Telegraph.

Passengers who choose the aisle seat are generally much nicer people. Dr Spelman says that they’re usually more reserved, less irritable and more considerate of others.

And, as we’ve already stated, no one actually chooses the middle seat, so whether you’re on the aisle or a window, be considerate of them, give them the armrest and try not to fall asleep on their shoulder.

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Are you a middle seat or an aisle seat passenger? Do you agree with this assessment?



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    Fred Nuckle
    10th Mar 2018
    What rubbish. I like a window seat because I enjoy looking at the geology and scenery below
    Pass the Ductape
    10th Mar 2018
    Fred....I guess the same applied to the woman who 'stole' my window seat on a flight to Sydney once. I never expressly asked for this seat, it was just the way the seating worked out courtesy of Virgin - but she got to the seating first and rather than take the isle seat booked for her, she sat in the window seat. I did query the seating arrangements out of curiosity when I arrived to sit down, but when she asked if I minded if she had the window seat instead, I told her no problem and took her aisle seat. After conversing with this woman for a few minutes, I formed the opinion that she probably did this kind of thing on a regular basis, thus proving the point to me that those whom insist insist on a window seat are likely contenders for the selfish prize.
    10th Mar 2018
    As a window person, I find they have it spot on.
    11th Mar 2018
    I'm a window person too Jackie and I agree they have it spot on. I also love to view geology is another reason I choose a window seat.
    Both our children have emigrated to Australia and although we begrudge the cost we mainly book business class to visit them nowadays to make the journey a little more tolerable and Jackie you would love the setup on Cathay Pacific...it's 1 2 1 so if you have a window seat you are in your own little cocoon. Yes I 'like to nest and be in my own little bubble'.
    11th Mar 2018
    Ductape, if you had queried the cabin crew they would have quickly put her in her allocated seat. The reason, in the case of a crash on take off or landing the seat identification (each seat has a serial number and is recorded where fitted in the aircraft) as a primary means if identifying whatever remains were found in the seat. Nowadays with DNA technology it is not be so important but those rules still apply. But DNA testing could take weeks and your family will quickly want to know if you survived or not and, if not, ensure they bury or cremate your remains and not someone else's. A bit morbid maybe but that's the reason you must always sit in your allocated seat on take off and landing.
    10th Mar 2018
    Its more about how long a persons legs are, also how much they value the space to put their elbows.
    The Aisle seat, a tall person can stretch out one leg. Very convenient.
    Its polite to let the middle seat have the elbow space because the aisle seat and window seat both have one elbow space they don't have to share.
    If a man is sitting next to an attractive female the extra space is of less importance.
    10th Mar 2018
    Thoroughly agree. Complete nonsense! Usually have no idea where you end up seating. But whenever I can, I'd like to look at the scenery and snap the odd photo or two, especially when taking off or landing. Haven't psychologists got better things to do...
    Pass the Ductape
    10th Mar 2018
    Not nonsense at all!
    10th Mar 2018
    What rubbish indeed. I choose an aisle seat so I don't have to step over people in order to use the toilet. I'm not nicer than others, just practical.
    Not a Bludger
    10th Mar 2018
    what utter tripe.
    10th Mar 2018
    For heaven’s sake! I ask for a window seat pre-flight so I can look out the window and to have one arm rest leaving the other one for the other passenger. I also try very hard to only to go to the loo only when the other passengers leave their seats so I don’t have to crawl over them to get out and wake them up. Given the increased incidence of morbidity obesity it doesn’t matter which seat you are in it is likely that the passenger in the next seat will need their seat and overflow into everyone else’s.
    10th Mar 2018
    What does this say about people who choose seats on the type of flight they are taking. If I am flying shorter flight in day light I prefer a window seat, if on a longer flight I choose an aisle seat.
    Polly Esther
    10th Mar 2018
    No comment, psychiatrists are about, and some can read :-)))))
    10th Mar 2018
    I too prefer the window seat especially on long haul flights and will even pay the extra to ensure I get one. Like others I like seeing where I am going and what I am flying over. I also do like having the fuselage to sleep against or at least lean on. And I wait until the others get up so I don't have to clamber over them. If that makes me selfish so be it. I pay for the privilege!
    10th Mar 2018
    I take your point Ductape. You can always get this type of people everywhere. On a bus, on a boat, or on a plane. They do exist and and they do make life hard for others. But I don't think we can generalise that any person prefering to sit near a window is arrogant or selfish. We all have our personal preferences and there's nothing wrong, if given the choice, to ask for a window seat. No different to order a pizza without olives!
    10th Mar 2018
    I’m with you Fred, I love the window seat for the exact same reason. I am absolutely not a selfish person, just the opposite in fact. Everyone has the option to choose whatever seat they like, it’s not as if I’m barging my way up the aisle, jabbing other passengers in the ribs with my elbows in an attempt to be the first to the win window seat.
    Crazy Horse
    11th Mar 2018
    I prefer an aisle seat on long haul flights so I can get up and move around to relieve my bad back.
    11th Mar 2018
    I like the window seat because I am claustrophobic and looking out of the window during the flight I can ignore the inside of the plane and the crowd of people around me. Although I have to add I like the view too!
    12th Mar 2018
    Guess we just have way too many psychologists, all so desperate to make a living that they are reduced to making capital out of this kind of brain-numbing trivia - guess she's right though ---- I surely do lean towards both bossiness and a preference for window seats :)
    14th Mar 2018
    I agree this is rubbish! I'm a happy, good-natured woman and I like the window seat so that I can see the amazing clouds and such.
    21st Jul 2018
    Silly, choosing the window seat doesn't even get near selfishness.

    According do my professional assessment it is, "just wanting to look out the window syndrome."

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